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Doctor's Visit

Well, that went approximately nowhere. The blood tests turned up nothing new other than that I don't currently have high levels of mercury in my blood; I still need to get the $960 Lyme test done, but the fact that I showed no change on anti-biotics means either the Lyme is really entrenched in my system or the memory blanks are due to something else.

Dr. was surprised/annoyed to inform me that my Vitamin D levels are low (remember, meds + sun = bad), I'm anemic again (anti-biotics made keeping any food in my system difficult, so of course I'm anemic), and I'm burning through the T3 quicker than he expected. We're going to stick with 175 right now, but may need to go higher on T3. I start taking 5,000 IUs of Vitamin D and Iron tomorrow. The adderall stays - it doesn't seem to make a difference in my memory issues, but it does help with energy levels and sleep patterns.

The numbness is a concern, but he thinks that is likely part of the Fibromyalgia; if so, I need to learn to live with it. He also wants me to try Lyrica (25mg) 3 times per day to see if that helps the pain and/or the numbness - I am quite scared of this drug given the side effects it can cause, but will give it a chance.

Next steps - get Lyme test, go get mammogram, schedule follow up with PCP, get a referral to Neurologist for memory and brain function.
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