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  • 12:13 12.5 hours of sleep, finally awake now, nearly 24 hours after first dose of Lyrica I still feel out of it; I don't think this will work. #
  • 13:48 day 2, single dose of lyrica; ~ 15 mins later my brain is mush and ears are ringing; dizzy and nauseaus; no more of this; calling doctor now #
  • 13:53 dr will call back, but no more lyrica; must find something for pain that doesn't make me feel like this; i barely function as it is #
  • 18:13 Einstein & Bohr debates on quantam physics re-enacted with puppets - I think I understood 1/3 of this #
  • 18:16 but I am super dumb to
    day; it may make more sense if I re-watch it later; I should understand this, I studied this in depth in College #
  • 18:53 RT@docbrite "Spoons: How many spoons do you have? Brilliant." Lyrica seems to put me into the negative for today... #
  • 19:58 please RT clothes & motorcycle for sale, random book give away for help paying medical bills #
  • 20:36 - excellent take on Afganistan - I agree, we need to finish this correctly #
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