alumiere (alumiere) wrote,


i am sooo tired of being sick!! get a bit better every day, but this is hanging on for too long!! coughing, lightheaded & nauseaus is not fun any more!! done whining now... today is not going too bad so far, woke up feeling rested (no longer taking antibiotics helps) and came in to work a bit early... we'll see if i actually make it through all 8 hours today or if i leave early again... finally caught up on most of the stuff i missed when i was out last week (ie: e-mail, online groups, etc)... am feeling accomplished. also updated my resume and submitted it for a position in our noc (network operations center)... they are moving people from within the company to those positions, and i want to go there (new stuff to learn - i'm bored here most of the time)... nothing else going on today
Tags: medical, work

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