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asleep at mal 9/09
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12/6/09 0:03
asleep at mal 9/09
  • 13:02 wheee... waking up with a migraine is an awesome way to start the day! i really don't need this, and I can't take pain meds til after 2pm :p #
  • 15:49 took pain meds at 2pm, migraine still very bad; i almost want to throw up; wtf? i know life sucks etc but really this is ridiculously unfair #
  • 15:51 i have enough pain all the time that the migraines being more frequent and worsening are too much. and yet i feel bad for complaining #
  • 15:54 - i'm not dying of cancer or unable to walk or struggling with chemotherapy - i know i should be happy that i'm alive & my brain is working #
  • 19:31 thinky, beautiful image/post: satanicdrugthing.blogspot.com/2009/11/wwm_28.html (i want to make a similar skirt) #
  • 19:31 steampunk nerf mods: geek-orthodox.blogspot.com/2009/11/behold-nerf-maverick.html #
  • 19:32 oooh - new metropolis compilation community.livejournal.com/alchemy_dc/1455408.html proceeds to cancer research #
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12/6/09 15:18 (UTC)
Hang in there chickie. the migraine isn;t a result of stopping Lyrica, is it? Man, that stuff has a laundry list of side effects longer than it's alleged benefits! I hope your doc gets you the meds you want soon.
12/6/09 19:43 (UTC)
At this point I honestly have no idea; migraines have been more frequent and harder to kill for a months now. But if the migraines are related to the tmj/shoulder pain being worse, and the neck pain which is new, that's probably due to the fibro. So he wanted me to try Lyrica at a low dose as it dulls nerve pain.

But last night I had an allergic reaction to my BPAL, then felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest for hours, and I think that is the Lyrica working out of my body still. Apparently that is toxic to me. Although it also works for a lot of people.
12/6/09 19:47 (UTC)
Also, I only took two doses of Lyrica, one Tuesday and one Wednesday. Per the 4-6 hour half life you'd think it would be gone. But apparently some people store it in fat cells almost immediately, so it takes time to work out of the system. I now suspect I'm one of those, and while I have very little fat left there's still that girly belly fat, etc.