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  • 06:58 Nice: 4-5 hours solid sleep, then meds wear off and I wake up in pain. Time for a second muscle relaxer again. Lyrica fail sucks! #
  • 07:00 But, even though I can't eat one (grr, arrgh, bleh); may I present Mobious bagles? #
  • 07:10 RT@GreatDismal Meta book fingerprinting #
  • 07:15 RT@greygirlbeast A new way to "unfold" the Earth's surface provides a new perspective on our planet (video and images) #
  • 07:19 Science is cool part x
    x:RT @greygirlbeast Deforestation in the Amazon reveals traces of an unknown ancient civilisation #
  • 07:22 RT@littlemonster scale model of Tokyo by Mori Building Flickr set: - surprised ppl still make them #
  • 07:27 Ok that was actually 6 hours sleep; still frustrating, waiting for meds to work - now please?! #
  • 07:35 @LittleMonsta A 1930's film explaining sky writing - Excellent #
  • 07:40 Now, back to sleep for a few hours; at
    least they hit quicker then they wear off which is too fast. #
  • 11:41 RT @warrenellis: project for next year: rig a dialysis machine to a Tassimo machine & replace my blood with espresso - does it make tea? #
  • 19:22 Ballerinas and thrash: This is awesome (and reminds me of behind the scenes at any ballet/dance group). #
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