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Triple the fun - sexism, rape culture, health care reform

I read this article yesterday and thought sad but true.

But then some of the writers I read took an in depth look at hir posts; there’s a lot of sexism and negativity toward women in hir blog. So not only did she change hir name, she actively put down hir own sex. Now whether that was because she was trying to hide the fact that she was a woman, or from a mistaken or subconscious belief that men really are intrinsically better is beside the point for me. That attitude made hir blog more popular because playing to the male ego sells.

Equality in name; rape culture, slut shaming, domestic violence, harassment, lower pay, less respect, and self loathing in real life… go team USA.

And now for something completely different... "This is what a real apology looks like."

I read the original article when it was posted, and I got that the author was writing what he thought to be satire. But rape on college campuses is too big an issue for that to be an effective tactic, and it didn't work. As many women pointed out there are men who would read that article and think cool - this guy totally gets me, or use his satire as a manual for getting "dates".

But the author surprised a lot of us. Not only did he apologize, he took what his critics said to heart, explained what he'd done wrong and what his intentions were, and then talked about date rape and the fact that rapists are not usually creepy guys in the alley. Rapists are the guy in class or at the same party or living across the street from you. And he told his fellow male students to step up and stop this shit from happening, to stop looking at women as objects, to check their prejudice. Because Josh didn't realize that the original article was written from a place of privilege, and if he missed it, they probably are too.

As someone who's been there (like too many of the women I know), I wish someone like Josh had been on my campus. Or better still that as part of mandatory orientation for all students Colleges and Universities spent about two hours talking about these issues, what's wrong with the attitude that women are prizes, that sex is something to keep score of for men.

And rather than teaching women how to defend themselves, they'd teach everyone that rape is wrong, that sex with someone who's too drunk or too scared or too weak to stop you is rape, and then prosecute and expel every person who breaks that rule. Because women do everything they can to avoid being raped short of locking themselves in their house and never going out without a trusted man to "keep them safe". And even when women do that some guy will break in or get her to open the door for a delivery and bam... he's in.

And one more: go watch this.

Keith Olberman is right; healthcare reform as it stands in the Senate now is a travesty. Please contact your Senators and Representatives and the White House to protest this. The bill is WORSE than what we have now. I agree; I will not buy health insurance if this passes. Censor me, fine me, jail me (but then you'll have to pay for my medical care at least), but if I have no choice but private insurers I might as well have no insurance at all, and I certainly won't be able to afford it nor will millions of other people.
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