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Meds update - Lyrica aftermath, starting Savella

So I haven't been updating this as well as I had been; the side effects of the Lyrica are still lingering. The slurred speech finally isn't constant anymore. The problems with the way things smell, taste, and whether I can keep what I've eaten aren't as bad, but intermittently reappear at full strength. And the constant ringing in my ears is still constant and quite loud and annoying/distracting.

I went to see my PCP last week because the slurring and vertigo were not getting any better almost two weeks out; she did some testing and decided that I probably hadn't had a stroke - terrifying me when she brought it up. She does want me to see an Neurologist as does my Endo/Fibro specialist. Referral gotten, appointment set for early next month.

I was a bit frustrated with the appointment; she didn't think I sounded slurred even though T, Mom, Dad, A, and everyone else I talk to commented on it. I sounded like I was wasted out of my mind for about 2 weeks; now I am occasionally slurred still.

Lyrica also seems to have contributed to a new kind of memory fuzz; even when I've lost time I haven't lost whole days before. But other than LJ posts, emails in/out, twitter and comments I can't figure out what happened to the first week of December - and it seems I heinously screwed up a few projects, paperwork & insurance stuff during that lost time.

PCP is concerned but thinks it's probably the side effects being so severe for me; she was quite surprised I'd only taken 2 25mg doses and was still impacted. She said I should follow the specialist's orders and start the Savella when the prescription arrived (Walgreens had to order it; it's a newer drug).

Savella starts with a slow titration package; I'm on day 4, 25mg morning and evening, and my overall pain levels seem somewhat better. I'm also waking up less at night I think. Hard to analyze as the weather has been cold and damp here which makes pain worse.

Finally got the advanced Lyme tests started Monday (thanks Dad!); now I wait for the results and the neurologist visit. Answers would be helpful. Also - the $960 testing fee didn't include having Quest do the actual blood draws - WTF? They're going to turn that into BC/BS and I'm sure I'll get a bill after that. Fail, fail, fail.

I'm also putting together the last of the 2009 bills for BC/BS, and continuing to fight for 2008/2007 reimbursements. Our current insurance system is broken beyond belief from my POV.

Enough; time to try eating again (earlier I managed meds and a couple of slices of cheese; that is not enough).
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