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  • 00:35 I'm too tired to write atm; re-read, link, discuss: #
  • 00:44 Also, Jay Lake, who's books I adore is quoting my LJ. Squeee. Must level up my skills, use caps, punctuation, etc. @greygirlbeast said so. #
  • 05:31 Terry Pratchett on religion; excellent way to start my day even if it is 5am #
  • 05:40 @evahopkins I know; will go back to sleep soon; T gets up at 5 for work, I only manage to sleep through that
    every 2-3 days. #
  • 05:41 Soma relax muscles & sleep effect only 4-6 hours; another dose swallowed, waiting for it to do it's job #
  • 06:26 Soma kicking in now; back to bed. #
  • 13:07 RT@GreatDismal Nanotech contacts: change colors to alert you to your glucose levels in lieu of drawing blood #
  • 13:13 RT@geekgirldiva I wish I had thought of this! Santa Baby: Geek Version (Cute!) #
  • 13:32 RT@dsiringmachine Ballistic penises and corkscrew vaginas - the sexual battles of ducks @scienceblogs - <
    a href=""></a> via @AddToAny #
  • 13:33 Beautiful, creepy short animation: Alma #
  • 13:40 Slept OK; sneezing less but throat hurts more - no congestion though - so it's not a cold; no fever = no flu; Candidia in throat again? #
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