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Bullshit; Angry; I Hate Doctors Sometimes

One last medical rant to end the year...

I've mentioned the Lyrica side effects repeatedly (and the one with smells/food, and the ringing in my ears continue almost a month later) but I don't think I've really talked about the 10 days I lost. Were it not for lj/twitter posts, email and chat logs I'd have no idea what I'd done from 12/1 - 12/10; I still don't remember it, but I have my own words to fill me in (thank you internet).

And one of the things I forgot during that time was the fact that I'd written checks to the Doctor's office. So on 12/1 when I went to pay the rent there was plenty of money in the account, but that was because those checks hadn't cleared. The ones to the Doctor's office bounced a few days later because I forgot about them. I found out about the mistake because my bank sent me an overdraft/returned check notice; your letter arrived a few days after that (although the letter did mention calling me; I wasn't answering the phone because one of the other Lyrica side effects was slurring like a drunk Peter Griffin, and the ringing ears makes the phone difficult to hear still).

My mistake yes, but also yours for giving a medication that causes memory loss in some patients to a patient who already has memory loss complaints. I asked for a totally different medication (Savella - which has significantly fewer side effects) which I'm now on with no problems, only you didn't have it in your little book, so you gave me Lyrica instead of taking a moment to go online and see what I'd requested. After I called about the side effects from Lyrica and you told me not to take it anymore, you sent me that prescription for Savella, so apparently you took the time to look it up only after Lyrica failure. Was Lyrica prescribed because your pharma salespeople push it so much? You'd never mentioned Lyrica until this last visit, or other options for controlling the pain without narcotics, so it seems out of place.

And now the office is not refilling prescriptions for more than two weeks (at $45/pop copay that's unaffordable), answering questions about blood test results, or having my Dr call me to discuss the problems. All because the replacement check hasn't arrived yet and the Office Manager says my account is on hold until the check clears (I put it out 12/24, but I think I'd missed the mailman by then).

Oh, and while we're at it, the other question I have is there are apparently lozenges available to treat Candidia in the throat/mouth. Why have I not been prescribed that? Can you please call that into my pharmacy so I can swallow food without wanting to cry? Thanks, your patient.

** I should note that up until my last visit I'd been happy overall with my treatment except for the price and the insurance issues. My PCP wants me to keep seeing them because the Hashimoto's isn't going away ever, nor is the pain, and up until the Lyrica fail we've been chasing problems and eventually finding things that help. Too many illnesses and syndromes at once makes me rough to treat and I know that. I do get frustrated with the walking lab rat experiences this entails, but I can't see any other way to deal with my degree of broken either (and my PCP has said point blank she doesn't know enough to treat me for those things - flu shots, colds, flu, girly doc, garden variety sick is what she does; that's why I go to a specialist). I'm not happy with Dr. W for the Lyrica, but I understand what he was trying to do, and the side effects are slowly clearing up. He wanted me to get a neurological workup, as does my PCP; that's on the calender in January; and we'll go from there.
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