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I was wrong...

But once again jaylake and his friends have prompted me to make a post...

A lot of stuff, quite a bit of it squicky guts and girly bits to follow.
Things People Don't Talk About talks about her hysterectomy and fibroid cysts and a conversation ensues; my comment (with a few edits to make it clear as a stand alone):

I had an endometrial ablation done (2000, they called it a laser ablation). I still bleed a bit and have periods every 10-15 days (even on birth control that's been the case since I was a teenager), including ovarian cysts the size of lemons to large oranges about 1/3 of the time.

Less bleeding is nice, but I've been begging them to remove my left ovary for over a decade (I'm 43) and they still refuse. Every cyst is on my left side, I can't get why they won't remove that only, except that since the cysts aren't fibrous and burst on their own so no-one seems concerned about them. Instead they throw opaites at me for the pain, do another ultrasound for my file, boggle that I'm walking b/c there's an orange sized growth on my ovary and it hurts so bad I've thrown up repeatedly which will eventually make me go to the doctor and beg them to remove the ovary again, and send me home to wait til it bursts.

If men had cysts growing on their reproductive organs I'm certain they wouldn't be treated like this. Even my female ob-gyns have been unwilling to remove the problem ovary, although they will prescribe the patch or seasonale or whatever which does nothing to prevent the two week cycle or the cysts.

And jaylake's post that started it all is

With my comment below - note: I haven't been specific before about stomach ick, because it is uncomfortable to talk about, but Jay & Co are right; no-one talks about these problems, so people aren't able to share things that help or possible causes. For me, I know what causes the worst of my vomiting, nausea, & diarrhea - Fluconazole for Candidia right now plus the lingering side effects from Lyrica; antibiotics in October; Flex Plus protein and amino acid supplement in September... Quite often the treatments make me pukey or runny; when I'm not on nasty meds I still get pukey or runny once every two weeks or so (probably due to the restricted diet; super low carb is difficult to balance well).

YMMV; some tricks that I use...

Digestive issues suck; I do second the fiber supplement may help with frequency/control though. So many of the meds I take list both diarrhea and constipation as a side effect it's ludicrous. For me that translates into runny runs to the bathroom every few days, but not constipation as I do take fiber.

Side effects also include nearly constant nausea and limited ability to keep food down. And my doctor keeps yelling at me for being slightly anemic. I suggested strongly in our last conversation that the meds that do the most damage (Fluconazole in particular) need to be replaced. I can't continue to lose weight (5'7", 120 lbs soaking wet; down from 150+ in September) and I would really like to enjoy a meal once in a while.

Also, I find that ginger altoids and a few minutes away from the table in fresh air will often allow me to come back and eat a little more. I also wind up eating small portions a lot more often, or leaving half the meal on the plate and re-warming it a few hours later when my guts have calmed down again. Unfortunately for me, this often makes restaurants or meals out a bad idea; I always feel rude when I have to run outside during dinner because the food smells make me want to puke.

So to sum that up and offer a translation for previous posts, if I mention nausea I've either thrown up or come close to it (as in dashing outside or to the bathroom with dry heaves and/or gasping for fresh air) as mild nausea is part of life right now; and upset stomach means more diarrhea unless I specify that I puked.

And finally, on a separate topic but tangentally related theferrett talks about his missing teeth and the discomfort that this brings. I can sooo empathize with the frustration he describes. My teeth are ok at the moment, but my dietary restrictions plus my problems with smell/taste and the "Oh, you ate something, now it is time to get sick/have diarrhea" has a similar impact. I miss sharing meals with people I love, but my body betrays me all too often when I do.

But as was said in a response "It's OK"
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