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Medical - things we do not talk about part two

So one of my illnesses is systemic candidiasis - a yeast infection in my bloodstream. We've known about this since late 2007. My Doctors have been treating me with fluconazole (which I can handle for 2-3 weeks max before I start having diarrhea every day with every meal, which means it's time to stop taking it); herbal remedies (garlic, oregano, etc) & pro-biotics to try to balance it (a small amount is normal for most people; I do not have a small amount because my immune system is fubar); uber low carb diet (less than 20g net/day); nystatin (much less harsh than fluconazole, also not as effective); and vfend (also not as effective, but I am on the lower dose).

When it's just in my bloodstream it makes me tired and alternately feverish and cold. Not good, but I can cope with that.

I'm now on the second major outbreak since September in my mouth/throat, and this time it also seems to have spread to my esophagus and stomach ( and given me a vaginal yeast infection which I haven't had since I was on birth control.

Eating has gone from difficult to painful to swallow to the added bonus that now everything feels like it's piling up at the point where my esophagus opens up to my stomach. The inside of my mouth is raw, gargling with lidocaine mouthwash doesn't help with the swallowing problem, and my lips seem to be infected as well. Basically classic symptoms.

This started getting bad when they put me on Cipro + Doxy in case I had Lyme disease. After a month of that I went to see my pcp about my sore throat; turns out it's Candidia. They say go back on fluconazole and here are some steroids and lidocaine mouthwash to help treat it. I've been on fluconazole once/day for three weeks twice since stopping the anti-biotics. It is continuing to get worse. I think the repeated treatment with fluconazole has helped me develop -azole resistant Candidiasis.

The pain is so bad I'm waking up in the middle of the night, having a hard time falling asleep, and barely able to get food down. It's also affecting my breathing (it hurts!), my sex life (yeah - not so much when I've got a vaginal yeast infection), and my brain function (sleepy most of the time atm, even w/ adderall).

And the diarrhea has returned again, so no more fluconazole for me atm (no big, seems to not be helping anyway). I so want this under control, I pondered whether a dialysis machine or something similar could clean it from my blood (note: needle phobic, if I'm pondering this it's bad bad). Monday I will call the Dr again, hope he has some other treatment options. I miss food.

But hey, since I'm supposed to do <20g carbs a day drinking is a no-no; and I can still dance.
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