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asleep at mal 9/09
tweets du jour (note: in comments TWDNTA) 
1/6/10 0:04
asleep at mal 9/09
  • 16:41 grrr... arrrgh... neurologist = no answers, need mri, eeg, other testing. got lost on the way to his office too (straight shot on the bus). #
  • 16:42 can't go from apt to dr without getting lost = bad. i can see the bus stop, it's literally straight down santa monica from the house. fail. #
  • 16:43 yeast infection = still bad. oh, and landlord wants to chage the lease, raise the rent next month (lease not up til 1/1/11). do not need #
  • 16:44 i've been offline since mid-day yesterday, if i missed anything good, please lmk. also, funny stuff would be great; i am totally pissed atm. #
  • 17:46 One crisis du jour averted; leasing o
    ffice screwed up, our lease stands as is. Now to figure out how to pay for mri, eeg, etc. #
  • 18:16 I could add a lot of things, but jaylake.livejournal.com/2015355.html. Bottom line is health care in america is broken. Fix it right. #
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1/6/10 19:35 (UTC)
You mean 133t? Yes, yes it does. I much prefer proper english, but when 133t is coupled with cute baby animals it is slightly less annoying. After all, I doubt that a keeeton knows the difference between an l and a 1 - they look the same to me.

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1/6/10 11:58 (UTC)
The candida infection would seem to suggest an underlying immune deficiency. Are yr physicians investigating that?
1/6/10 19:15 (UTC)
Yeah, not HIV+, unspecified auto-immune dysfunction under treatment (and treatment failing it seems). Then Cipro & Doxy for 30 days in late October which worsened the yeast and the fluconazole no longer working = spreading even though I take my meds. Another HIV test yesterday, as the neuro wanted to make sure.

In the mean time next round of lab rat me taking place. I could cope with this if I knew what was wrong/what to expect.
1/6/10 20:04 (UTC)
If you have an active sex life, your partner will want to be treated for Candida too. Most men are asymptomatic w/Candida but will transmit it. (I realize that's no help w/current outbreak but may help you to control future outbreaks.)
1/6/10 21:05 (UTC)
I'll ask about that. I don't think he's the cause because if he were I'd have had it sooner, plus we haven't had penetrative sex since September or earlier. But a good idea none-the-less. Although some Candidia is normal in almost everyone; out of control Candidia is the problem here.

And I've had worsening Candidia since before we started dating, and long before we had unprotected sex (I've been on fluconazole since mid 2007; levels of infection go from almost none to it's in my mouth, then throat/esophagus, then stomach, then lastly vaginal). Gah - does this mean I should never kiss anyone or have sex without plastic/latex/etc barriers?

Unspecified Auto-Immune Dysfunction (which is why I have systemic Candidia) + Hashimoto's Thyroid + CFS + Fibro + (yesterday's name for the mind blanks) Transient Global Amnesia.
1/6/10 21:17 (UTC)
Oh, and I shouldn't forget, Arthritis, TMJ, and Ovarian Cysts every other cycle (which runs about 12-14 days).

Hmmm... angry is normally how I feel about all this, mainly because they can't determine causes or effective treatment. Hence the lab rat me. "Let's try x", "ok, that didn't work how about xxx", "somewhat better but still not right, add y" and so on.

Just figure out WTF is wrong and what I should be doing to make it better. I'm already at 20g of carbs a day so as to not feed the Candidia, I take 40+ meds & supplements a day, I exercise and dance because if I don't the pain is worse, etc etc. Controlling whatever this is should not take up my entire life, but it has and is continuing to do so. I'll shut up now, time for lunch and bowflex.

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