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Today's topic... you're not really sick, you're just lazy, et al.

Ok, so I'm sure by now a lot of you have read the article and my take on spoons from way back in 2004. And you've seen my notes here or in my twitter feed about my one thing for today and being out of spoons or having one or two or none.

That link is so out of date on how I cope with pain it's amazing to look back on. In 2004, a 9 would make me want to cry and a 10 would have me in the bathroom throwing up; now, what was a 9 has become it hurts, but I can live with it and I need to work out in spite of the pain, and what would have been a 12 or 13 is now my 10, a this is too much and I need a painkiller.

And that's draining, sometimes sabotages my sleep, and makes daily tasks really hard. But the spoon theory is only used to count the pain and what that's going to do to me; there are other problems that don't fit into my spoons.

Because you see, I don't just have arthritis from a hip fracture....

This post was started on 1/13/10, I saved it, and went back to the topic here, but never posted this part; I'm doing so now.
Tags: medical

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