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asleep at mal 9/09
San Francisco trip 
1/18/10 16:34
asleep at mal 9/09
So I know there are several of you in the SF area. T just ordered tickets for us to go see phreddiva in Kismet. Thus, we will be in the area on March 27th for a long weekend.

Our plan is to take a leisurely drive up starting early Saturday (I want to see some of the Coast - rednikki do you want to try to do late lunch in Monterray 3/27?), maybe wander SF a bit, get dinner and go to the opera. Sunday is open, as is Monday, although depending on schedules T my have to work Tuesday at 6am; if not we'll probably stay Monday and drive home Tuesday.

Aside from the Opera, I'd really like to hit SFMoMA, and see all of you. Anyone have crash space Saturday, Sunday and/or Monday? We can bring an aerobed, etc, but need someplace quiet. Also suggestions on things to see, restaurants to try, etc would be awesome.

I'm hoping that by March my doctors have figured out some of what's wrong with me, and I have a little more energy; if not I suspect severely limited physical activity will be an issue I'll have to cope with. At the museum I know renting a wheelchair will be an option, and while I hate the idea, there's just no way I'm up for significant walking atm.

I also don't want to over schedule myself as we did on our last trip east. I hate the fact that walking even a few blocks wipes me out and makes me out of breath, but there you have it. So quiet restaurants/bars, where I can see a bunch of friends and relax are something good even if I do have to go out for air when the smell of food gets overwhelming.
1/19/10 1:33 (UTC)
You know what Monday is...Death Guild time! Hopefully you guys can stay for that. I'm afraid I have very few contacts in SF proper for crashing-I actually despise SF with a passion, I'm an East Bay girl. However, if you get stuck with no place to stay, let me know, I do have one or two strings I can pull in a pinch. I'm not sure how it would fit into your diet, but if you miss "Truly Mediterranean" on either Haight or 24th St., You'll be sorry. (Greek food, falafels and such, obviously. Was my FAVORITE when I lived in the Mission) I'm sure Phreddiva can suggest fancier places, but that's my favorite.

Speaking of that Phreddiva chick, have you ever heard her perform? I've only heard her at BM, but I'm so jealous you get to see her on stage in a more (?) intimate setting than Burningman.

Have fun and say hello to home for me!
1/19/10 1:55 (UTC)
I know Monday night is Deathguild; I want to be able to go, but in part that will depend on T's schedule. Clubbing followed by 6 hour drive followed by work is probably not a bright choice. But his day counterpart usually works Sun-Thurs anyway, so I'm kind of hoping T can switch days and we can have Tuesday for brunch and driving home.

I suspect we'll have offers all over the place. Doesn't have to be SF specifically, just within reasonable distance. Living on the east coast an hour plus drive to most anything is normal; and honestly the trip to SF is about the distance from our MD house to B & J's when they were in NJ, and we'd make that for a single night of a party a few times a year. But I don't travel as well as I used to, although I can do an hour or two at a stretch ok so far.

Other than Burning Man this will be the first time we've seen her live; when she started twittering about Kismet that became a priority for me to attend. I'm glad T is able to get the time off and afford the tickets.

And good Greek food is a maybe ok; I'll take a look at their menu if I can find one online. Thanks!
1/19/10 17:52 (UTC)
Blast, it would have been great to see you. Sadly, I'll be in Texas, of all wretched places. On the other hand, when I get back I'm going to be auditioning for The Magic Castle, so hopefully that'll put me in L.A more. I'll be able to bring guests, want to go see some magic?
1/19/10 20:08 (UTC)
Magic? Possibly. You? Absolutely. You're welcome to stay with us (in Westwood) while you're in LA. I'll even make sure the guest bed isn't totally covered in sewing projects and paperwork.
1/20/10 6:44 (UTC)
I mean, I look forward to seeing you.
1/20/10 7:08 (UTC) - Squeeee indeed!!
We are looking forward to seeing you too; I know you're performing Saturday & Sunday, but any chance of dinner/post show food or brunch or something so we can actually spend a bit of time hanging out? We're shooting for Sat - Tues morning unless something changes, and are planning to hit Deathguild Monday.

My diet is ludicrous, but I can eat almost anywhere (pizza places are probably a no-go unless they have things like fried cheese or eggplant parm, etc); I just have them leave the bread/pasta/potato in the kitchen.