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asleep at mal 9/09
On Politics (in the style of Dr. Seuss) 
1/20/10 0:00
asleep at mal 9/09

This was originally posted in 2003, but it still holds true, almost all of it (except that our president has brains and a heart, although I think he's making too many concessions to the Republicans). When I ran across it today trying to find dates for diagnoses of some of my medical issues I thought it deserved another read. America needs to fix itself and soon.
1/20/10 8:19 (UTC)
i think i've finally lost all hope of anything getting better any time soon. a Dem loss in Mass will be read as "Dems have been too liberal", no matter that the actual problem is that they haven't been effective. what i want to know is why our nation gave Bush 8 years to fuck up our country, but Obama had to fix it in one. of course, i'm definitely one of those who thinks he should have tried a whole hell of a lot harder.

41 Republicans in a Senate that won't get rid of the undemocratic filibuster means nothing meaningful will be done about global warming. all of our myriad other problems pale by comparison. we can't afford to fail, in that vein. unfortunately, i see no evidence we will allow ourselves to succeed.
1/20/10 8:33 (UTC)
But that's the thing; the filibuster is not part of the laws of this country. A vote can be called with a simple majority, not the supermajority that we've been pretending is the law for years.

If the Democrats step up to the plate and do their damn jobs, we can still get meaningful change. I know Obama's only been in office a year, and I hope that he begins using the power of his office to make some real changes. He still talks about them, and some of the things he's doing are good (Haiti response for example), so I'm going to give him some time and hope the Democratic party as a whole stops this bullshit about who's too liberal and passes meaningful legislation.
1/20/10 21:38 (UTC)
they *could* do it... but, then, they could have taken care of it at the beginning of the current congress. the only answer i can come up with is that they just don't *want* to get anything of substance done in the Senate... at least, not enough of them. it's similar to 9/11, IMHO... at a time of dire crisis, we have the worst possible political leadership.