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asleep at mal 9/09
In response to an earlier comment 
1/24/10 2:47
asleep at mal 9/09
to this post: http://alumiere.livejournal.com/378534.html

Heavy metal poisoning not atm; I did get mercury poisoning (and chelation therapy) as an undergrad, ~ 1985. I was also in the radius of radiation release during the TMI meltdown, and spent summers every year until college a few miles downstream, including water skiing and fishing in the Susquehanna. Tested for heavy metals last trip, TMI popped into my brain a few weeks ago when someone posted on the last survivor of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki dying, and it's on my list to discuss with docs.

And yeah, we're running tests for both virus/bacterial causes and cancer atm, as well as seizures, brain damage, stroke.

I truly believe the tinnitus and scent problems are related to my reaction to Lyrica (2 doses, and 25mg is way low compared to what they give most people); it caused dizzy, vertigo, blurred vision, slurred speech, ^ smell, ringing ears and 10 days of memory loss - if I hadn't been twittering and using LJ I would have no idea what I did during that time. I called the Doctor ~ 30 minutes after the second dose, apparently incoherent, but they got enough to tell me to stop taking the Lyrica (so I went to the bathroom and stuck my finger down my throat to get rid of whatever hadn't absorbed) and send me a prescription for what I'd originally requested which was Savella.

MD: Thyroid problems (improperly treated), arthritis, repetitive stress in shoulders, nearly constant insomnia, 24x7 pain (6 was a good day). Also 3-5x/year severe sinus and or bronchial infections usually coupled with ear infections. Didn't matter whether it was summer or winter I was sick way too often.

LA: First two years (moved here in 2006) - got correct treatment for Thyroid and Adrenal disfunction and started treating Candidia; other than that most everything else was better (good days pain at 0-2, bad days painat 6). Working out or clubbing every day, cooking for the whole household a few times a week, and working 50-60 hours most weeks. Also looking for/finding people to date now that I was single. Oh, and riding my motorcycle a fair amount, even though some of the roads in LA are terrible for bikes. Occasional colds, but nothing like what I got in MD, no need for anti-biotics because it'd morphed into bronchitis or ear infection, etc.

Spent two weeks in July in MD, cleaning out the house my ex and I owned together, shipping stuff back to LA, working in our DC office, seeing friends, trying to reach a reasonable settlement with my ex. Hearing him tell me that X was taken care of and that Y would be, which were total lies (bills not paid since 3/08 in some cases). But other than tired and overly busy fairly normal for me. The rest of July and most of August I rebuilt an RV/Trailer for Burning Man in my spare time (between work and clubbing), again busy but normal for me. Went to Burning Man, walked more than I have I think ever; pain tolerable, meds under control.

Fall/winter 2008: started to have minor memory blanks, but Doc & I agreed it was probably stress/exhaustion, started taking clonazepam on bad days which helped me sleep (by then I was working 60 hours a week training someone new; and to pay bills because the split from my ex turned into a disaster, especially coupled with his refusal to pay for his bills or work toward a reasonable settlement). Late 2008 occasional memory blips but still active all the time - workout or dancing at least 5 out of 7 days.

Early 2009: told my job was being relocated to DC, I could move or be laid off. I was not going back to DC, pain at 6 on a good day was not a justifiable change, plus LA is a good fit for me in ways that MD/DC never was. A few days after the job announcement the ex sent me divorce papers indicating that he didn't think he should owe me anything (he kept 90% of our joint property, had cleaned out the joint account, and had the only retirement account as I'd cleaned out my miniscule IRA in 2008 to pay his bills so it didn't fuck up my credit worse). I hired an attorney in the hopes that we could reach a settlement. No dice, the asshole seemed to think that my paying his bills for two years wasn't enough (although I moved to LA because his new girlfriend kept taking precedence over me - poly relationships only work if everyone plays by the rules; he fell in love with someone else and mentally left me long before I moved to LA). Since my lawyer was dealing with my ex the stress went down in level. His ridiculous responses were something we laughed over and she responded. Also, work slowed down as new trainee (to be my replacement) got the hang of things; usual work week 45-50 hours again.

Spring/Summer 2009: Memory loss started getting more severe and more frequent; I started writing about it; Dr started investigating causes and treatments as it seems to be more than stress. We've ruled out Lyme, HIV, "Fibro Fog", heavy metals/mercury, insomnia (I still have it, but now that means I sleep 6-8 hours on a bad day; used to be 2 hours if I was lucky when insomnia hit). I'm hoping the EEG or MRI turn up something useful and that I can at least get back to being able to go out to eat or the store or a club without nausea and puking. And no-one has any idea why I've lost all my energy - I want to do stuff, but a few blocks and I'm panting; loading the dishwasher is my one thing, I do still work out, but only on days when I've got nothing else pressing because that's all I get. And that is so not me, or how I want to live my life.
1/25/10 18:32 (UTC) - la life, life with zooom...........
You know, you & your Lawyer may have laughed at your ex's responses but in the end who's laughing now? I'm just curious as to why you haven't posted the outcome or why wasn't your Lawyer there to refute his claims? What would everyone think about that?

You had enough venom to lash out at him before your hearing so why not now? All the anger you had about him owing you was all for nothing?

I'm sorry for it all because in the end you both lost something more valuable then the monetary value you felt he owed you for the several years of financial & emotional support you gave him. If money is all you wanted maybe you should have taken him up on one of his offers. At least you would have walked away with something rather then nothing.

1/26/10 20:43 (UTC) - Re: la life, life with zooom...........
Put a name on your post, otherwise, these are some pretty empty words.