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So, I got home from my EEG with a raging headache to see that anonymous had commented in this post. Based on the personal knowledge I think this is Brian/Zooom or his girlfriend. In either case thanks for telling me you think I'm divorced and my ex is off the hook. I haven't seen a copy of the judges decision, but I can contest it, appeal, request a modification or sue because the judge threw out my ADA petition for postponement or remote testimony.

You know, you & your Lawyer may have laughed at your ex's responses but in the end who's laughing now? I'm just curious as to why you haven't posted the outcome or why wasn't your Lawyer there to refute his claims? What would everyone think about that?

You had enough venom to lash out at him before your hearing so why not now? All the anger you had about him owing you was all for nothing?

I'm sorry for it all because in the end you both lost something more valuable then the monetary value you felt he owed you for the several years of financial & emotional support you gave him. If money is all you wanted maybe you should have taken him up on one of his offers. At least you would have walked away with something rather then nothing.

I never wanted just money. I always wanted my ex to live up to his promises and pay his damn bills and come to a reasonable settlement as we discussed the last time I saw him. I hired a lawyer in an attempt to get to that point, since he refused to talk to me or respond directly to me, but that too failed and he wasted my time, my lawyer's time, and my family's money.

Regardless of the judges decision Brian was way wrong in how he treated me once I could no longer pay for half the house, and I cannot figure out why he's done this.

As for why I haven't said anything, I haven't gotten a copy of the decision, which according to the court wasn't entered until 1/19/10 at which point it was sent via regular mail to my LA address. I was waiting to see it before saying anything more, but you obviously know something I don't.

I was unable to attend in person due to illness and memory loss, I filed an ADA petition to postpone the trial or allow me to appear remotely which the judge decided against on 12/30/09. Other than those things, and that I can appeal, ask for a moderation of the settlement, or sue once I see the decision that's all I know. Apparently the court cannot tell me anything useful over the phone.

As for why my lawyer wasn't there? When the judge ruled against remote testimony or postponement her clerk informed me that either I appear in person on 1/4/10 or I didn't have a say in this stage of the case, and neither my lawyer or anyone else could appear in my stead. Since I couldn't appear in MD on that date the judge obviously made decisions but I know not what those decisions are.

If Brian wants to do the right thing, that would be nice; I sincerely doubt that he does. He hasn't even responded to my repeated and repeated requests to send me the snifter of matches from my Grandmother's house which was on the bar. Nor have I seen the scans of our pictures (he kept them all) or the copies of the DVDs (since I was allowed to take maybe 1/5 of the total collection, and only things he didn't want, he was going to burn me copies of the rest) that Brian promised me.

He also had errors? lies? wishful thinking? on some of the paperwork he filed with the court, and I was not allowed to counter his arguments because I could not appear. He said that the utilities at the house were not his responsibility in court documents which is utterly untrue. At this point I can only assume that he was never the person I thought him to be, and I expect him to refuse to do the right thing because he obviously has no honor; if he did he would have paid his bills at the house. Or he would made a reasonable settlement offer that included paying the utilities and the money he took from the joint account plus compensation for the fact that he kept nearly all of our joint property and has the only retirement fund because I cleaned mine out in 2008 to pay medical expenses and his bills.

As for losing something more valuable than money I used to think our friendship was much more valuable than any sum of money. Why the fuck would I continue to pay not only half the mortgage but half the utilities, etc on a house I didn't live in if I thought money was important? I still thought that our friendship was important when I visited in July 08, even though I thought he behaved like an absolute ass toward me when I was at the house.

And then it turned out he lied to me about things at the house when I saw him last, and he failed to negotiate in good faith since moving out of the house, and wow - suddenly I stopped having any desire to have such a friend. Anyone who can lie to my face and cover up not paying his bills isn't someone I need in my life.

Also, whoever you are, sign your name next time you comment? Only cowards make anonymous statements like the one above and give the original poster no idea who said this or how to reach them with a response.
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