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asleep at mal 9/09
Dirk Smiler 
2/16/10 7:04
asleep at mal 9/09
I just got a call from officeninja and I've called those who I should, but this is sad and shocking and not at all what anyone would have wanted or expected. Dirk, you will be missed.

And now, a story, a memory, because I don't want to forget, and you were always a most excellent storyteller...

What now seems like eons ago, "back in the day" I used to go to Tracks, which is where I first met you. But I was terminally shy, and you came off as a rather pushy guy hitting on my endlessly. Although you could dance and dressed well even then. But I didn't really get to know you until one of the parties at B & J's house in Jersey.

As usual, the party was great, and early in the morning when everyone else had passed out, we spent a few hours talking. I finally met the person, not the persona, and he surprised me - a lot.

We talked about books and music and why you'd memorized those poems and stories. I listened to you quietly declaim The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner (I think), and for the first time I got it. You were calmer than I had ever seen you, cradling your girlfriend so she'd sleep soundly in a strange place, and you were happy to do that. That Dirk and I became friends, partied together at Pennsic, saw each other out dancing, shared food and thoughts and good drinks.

It probably took me too long to get to know the real you, but I'm glad it finally happened, and I'll miss you lots. You lead exactly the life you wanted, but I wish it wouldn't have ended this way or this soon.

I care about you enough to talk to my ex this morning, because as much as I hate his behavior, he didn't deserve to find out about this on failbook.

Here are a pair of pictures, from Dirk's visit to LA for Kyrrin's wedding to Karen. And dancing at Das Bunker and Malediction.

2/16/10 15:17 (UTC)
Oh no :-( that is horrible news. Why did he pass away?
2/16/10 15:28 (UTC)
No real details yet. Shotgun blast, accident?
(Deleted comment)
2/16/10 18:44 (UTC) - Re: HOLY CRAP!!
I'm sorry too.
2/16/10 17:12 (UTC)
Oh no! I'm so sorry...I only met him that one time at the wedding, but I did spend quite a bit of time talking him to that day, as he was so friendly and amusing and easy to "schtick" with. Sid and I both remember him very fondly and send our condolences to you guys, and everyone else we know is hurting.
2/16/10 18:43 (UTC)
2/16/10 19:18 (UTC)
thank you for sharing.
2/16/10 23:09 (UTC)
Thank you for texting me again, sorry I didn't get it until so much later - I turn my volume off when I sleep though so no worries about calling whenever.

I'm trying to remember the last time I saw Dirk, it must have been when he visited? I wish I'd kept in touch more now, this is a regret I need to take steps to avoid having again. *hugs*

2/17/10 0:05 (UTC) - Dirks page
2/17/10 0:18 (UTC) - Re: Dirks page
I've already linked this there, in my facebook (which I hate, but today I'm watching), on twitter, and on Dirk's wall. Thanks!
3/21/10 2:18 (UTC)
He is, and will be, missed.