alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

LA area wake for Dirk?

I know that the DC community is putting together a wake on Sunday, and that many of us cannot attend due to travel and finances etc.

So if I can make a suggestion, Late Lunch and drinks at McCabes, timed to coincide with the DC wake. If someone can setup a webcam in DC I can set one up here I think (must figure out the glitch in Centro to Mac network uplink).

I know this isn't likely to work for those of you living in Northern CA, but at least it'll give us a chance to bring this part of the family together. To share good food and good drinks and memories and community.

Other location suggestions are also welcome, this is one of those places that Dirk would have (was? Kyrrin?) been at home in, a good Irish pub with beautiful bartenders, pool tables, and some killer food. If we can get permission I'll also grab small speakers so we can stream the music that's part of the connection most of us made.

Feel free to spread the word far and wide. We had a lot of friends in common, but Dirk was better known than I, and I left DC a few years ago, which furthered that gap.
Tags: back east, death, la life

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