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Look, a real post

The last few weeks have been pretty hellish, and things are not getting back to a semblance of normal.

T's teeth are not ready, the dentist he's seeing sucks at communication and best case is they'll be ready the day before we were supposed to leave for San Francisco to see phreddiva in Kismet. So we're going to have to cancel those plans.

My insurance company still won't reimburse me for care. I have another neurologist appointment on 3/17, as I've had more incidents of Transient Global Amnesia. And I still need to see the infectious disease specialist, but I haven't been able to afford that, and the Candidia hasn't gotten any worse (or significantly better).

I haven't been out to dance since 2/14/10 between the deaths, my own health, and T not wanting to go out. I feel like I'm going crazy. So much pent up aggro and frustration it's insane, and I need to burn some of it off before I snap badly (sorry I snapped a bit yesterday T; I know you're struggling with this too).

On the bright side of things, I finally finished B's cargo skirt (the last bits were hand sewing on pockets and belt loops, etc), and it looks lovely and fits perfectly. And we spent yesterday evening hanging out w/ him and working on some repairs to the dead or improperly working computers B & J have. One done, one needs new memory, third needs the new fan/heat sink installed and a clean OS installation.

phreddiva is in a Phillip Glass opera in October, around my birthday, so we're going to go up to SF for a long weekend to see that instead.

Mom is coming to visit mid-April, which should be nice.

It is 85* and sunny atm, so a nap in the sun is my plan for today. I'd forgotten how much better an hour of sun makes me feel, but I'm finally off the meds that say stay out of the sun, so I'm hoping that'll help.

Spring forward is coming this Saturday! It won't be dark by 5pm anymore. I hate the winter months when dawn is at 4-5am, and it's dark so early. Why haven't we just spring forward and stayed there?

I finally made decent coconut flour/uber low carb bread, the almond flour/sugar free breakfast cake came out awesome, and tomorrow I am going to try my hand at gluten/sugar free chocolate chip/raisin cookies.

I have amazing, awesome friends, and unless something goes terribly wrong, A is going to take me out to Mal for dancing on Sunday and to "Chilioke" at GC on Monday.
Tags: dancing, la life, medical

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