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asleep at mal 9/09
Ok, that's not right 
3/24/10 23:25
asleep at mal 9/09
This is locked to friends only atm; I don't want my folks to see this until I talk to my doctor(s). ETA t/t neurologist; since I haven't taken Tramadol in a month or more, he thinks it's probably the increased dose of Savella; go back to previous dose and see what happens.

I just (15-20 minutes ago) had my first ever seizure. It was pretty mild from what I understand, but also scary. I took my bedtime meds and got up to stetch/crack my back over the door frame. Then I took a step back to change positions and started shaking like crazy. All my muscles seemed to be firing at once. T says it lasted about 20 seconds.

I'm fine now, I'll schedule an appointment with my doctor and review all my medications for potential causes. Or this may just be another new symptom of whatever the fuck is wrong with my brain.

Heart rate immediately after was over 130, now it's back down near 100 and still dropping. Trembling in my legs a bit, but otherwise I appear to be back to normal for me. Scared, migraine growing rapidly, but I'll cope.

ETA Talking to T further, apparently when I seized my muscles fired in new ways: I was en point (as in ballet) while it happened. I've never been on point in my life, and only took baby ballet for about 6 months when I was six. What the fuck?

Haven't managed to get to sleep yet; a migraine headache, muscle spasms and soreness are keeping me up. Everything seems relatively normal memory/brain wise, the scared is dissipating, but the pain is too much for me to sleep through, and I'm afraid to take any more meds atm.
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3/25/10 11:02 (UTC) - Re: Yikes!
I wish I knew. Hopefully your doctors stop surprising you with new issues and the pain lessens soon.
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3/25/10 11:01 (UTC)
Thanks. Status fixed. I'm glad T was here too; although I think it scared him more than it did me in some ways.

Sadly I'm becoming more used to my body and brain not communicating properly. It makes me angry, but once I get past the initial WTF I seem to just go: 'hey a new part of my processing is broken' and hope that the damn doctors narrow this shit down and find meds that fix it soon.
3/25/10 14:26 (UTC)
Egads, woman. I'm glad it was short, and I hope it doesn't happen again!
3/25/10 19:07 (UTC)
Well the good thing is that you remembered it and didn't injure yourself during it right? That's really scary though. I really hope those doctors can figure out what this is.
3/25/10 19:16 (UTC) - Thanks!
Yeah, although that brings up a question T asked me as well - have I had seizures before and being alone either didn't realize what it was or forgot they occurred? I am so damn tired of all this.
3/26/10 14:18 (UTC)
This is part of why having this journal is so crucial for you. It's one thing to get ppl to help out once in awhile, & I hope that they are, but to have a list you can refer back to of what happened when - key, key, key.

En point would happen if all your leg/foot muscles locked up & you weren't trying to walk or run (or thank goodness, fall). Since the legs weren't in motion forwards or backwards, the only place left for you to go if they all went rigid would be up. & you're used to being on the front part of your feet from heels. That doesn't strike me as too weird.

Obviously, have a cross-reference list of what you're taking when, so if there is some kind of medical correlation, it may eventually get rooted out.

I know, waiting is. Sending you thoughts of strength & warm days.