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asleep at mal 9/09
tweets du jour 
3/26/10 0:03
asleep at mal 9/09

  • 04:06 Yeah migraine + insomnia. Wednesday's 1 thing was sewing. Tomorrow's 1 thing will be dentist w/ T and some groceries. Hopefully sleep too. #
  • 12:31 RT @neilhimself Perfect mash-up: Alien Vs Pooh. bit.ly/bUzqy6 (also via @warrenellis) #
  • 12:48 RT @GreatDismal Dear #Texas: Please shut up. Sincerely, History bit.ly/bFzNq1 #politics #religion Yep, proud to be an #atheist. #
  • 16:56 RT MAGIC MOUNTAIN DITCH DAY (@xianvox's Annual B-Day Tradition) Wednesday, April 14th · Call in sick to work, we're riding rollercoasters! #
  • 17:12 RT @neilhimself My Guardian
    article about my melancholy day at (and twittering through) the Oscars is up at bit.ly/9edOAF #
  • 17:14 RT @ebertchicago: Kids naturally like good movies, until the bad movies drive them out. They like "2001" until they see "Transformers." #
  • 17:14 RT @ebertchicago: By casually taking their kids to the family blockbuster of the week. parents actively dumb them down. No, really. #
  • 17:16 RT @ebertchicago If you use Amazon, this is the easiest money you can save this year, thanks to @greatdismal: j.mp/8ZmAeK #geek #
  • 23:19 This made me cry, in a good way. I hope I go as peacefu
    lly. www.lettersofnote.com/2010/03/most-beautiful-death.html #
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