alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

friday... hooray

had a good time at the club last night... got to see some people i haven't seen in quite a while, danced a bunch, basically a "verra gooood eveeninng"... then went home early and spent some time with my hubby... not sure whether i'm going to make it out tonight but i hope to (didn't get enough sleep last night; man snoring again)... the rest of the weekend is busy... zooom's holiday party (a bit late) for work tomorrow, then we are probably going to head up to orpheus for a while; sunday is a surprise party for a friend of mine... hope the day goes well... time to do some work (i'm here early today... 2 out of 5 people in my department are off)
Tags: dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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