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  • 15:33 Today's one thing = skipping twitter in favor of dacning... Yesterday was some sewing, and Friday was cooking for the weekend. #
  • 15:44 Earthquake in LA happening now; just ended half a minute ago #
  • 15:45 #Earthquake in #LA happening now; just ended half a minute ago #
  • 15:47 That was the biggest #earthquake I've felt since I moved here. Rolling waves of quake. Wonder how big it was and where. #LA #losangeles #
  • 15:52 6.9 in Guadalume MX #LA #Ea
    rthquake #losangeles #
  • 16:22 Wow. Sudden migraine following #earthquake; going to go lay down now. Body, you can stop this idiocy now; an earthquake shouldn't trigger me #
  • 19:58 #earthquake headache continues, also heartrate now ^ 140. Stupid body, fight or flight response should not be delayed by hours. #
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