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asleep at mal 9/09
tweets du jour 
4/8/10 0:02
asleep at mal 9/09

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4/8/10 11:01 (UTC)
Your call, but...twitter and eljay seem like different audiences to me. If I wanted to see links in twitter, I'd go to twitter - I like it when you write things but I don't understand cross-posting twitter to the reading place here.
4/8/10 16:52 (UTC)
I know, which is why they cross-post under a cut. But one of my doctors and all of my family read here for updates on what's going on with me (they check the twitter links). There are a few other people who read them too, mostly for the geek tagged stuff.

And I honestly need the entries all in one place for myself too; the memory loss makes posting to twitter easy and quick, while LJ entries are often too much. I have a folder of half written posts and post fodder which I keep working at when I can. Plus, having both in one searchable place is helpful, and on days when I lose time I can review my tweets and see what I did; twitter is a PItA to search through or go back an extended period of time in.
4/8/10 17:07 (UTC)
Hmm...ok you might be subject to "an exemption" then. :)