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asleep at mal 9/09
Food for thought 
5/4/10 19:45
asleep at mal 9/09
HFCS vs Sugar vs Alcohol: Equally bad. http://tongodeon.livejournal.com/893076.html http://bit.ly/o6wH1

Certainly worth watching. But be warned - this Doctor doesn't do so well on the fat acceptance sometimes. He does, however, give a clear cause and effect for why so many of us are heavier today than we were. Our diets have changed in a way that makes gaining weight the default, and he's talking about the science behind that.
5/5/10 19:08 (UTC)
There are a bunch of other things I don't fully comprehend or remember, but it's been decades since I took a bio-chem class or even a biology class. The Doctor/researcher is quite credible, he clearly takes down the whole USDA food pyramid, explains why meat, cheese, & natural fats are NOT bad for us, discusses the difference between sucrose in whole fruit (it comes packaged with the cure for the damage, in the form of fiber) and fruit juice, and basically rips the government and most nutritionists a new one on the low-fat, high carb diet that's been killing us since the mistake in the 1970s that said fat caused heart disease.

I know my case is anecdotal, but cutting out carbs for me is definitely part of what let me drop all the excess weight. Of course I did it for a different reason than heart disease but it still had the same impact (my body doesn't process or utilize any carbs well, and the more carbs the worse the candidia). I eat meat and cheese, nuts, lower carb/higher fiber veggies, a little high fiber fresh fruit, and a few complex carbs (dreamfields pasta, jade pearl organic rice, baby red or purple potatoes). And the only thing I drink is water or an occasional amaretto or small amounts of chai tea sweetened with honey or agave. 90%+ of my fluid intake is filtered water though, and even before I was told to cut the carbs out I didn't drink sodas, sweetened drinks or that much juice, so that wasn't the cause of the 40+ lbs of excess weith I was carrying in fall 2009 and which I've since lost.

Anyway, if you get the chance watch the video. It's frightening to see the science behind those charts explained. And there's another thing about the 1960s\1970s study that showed the correlation between fat intake and heart disease that was what turned us all to low fat processed foods in the first place. Ancel Keys' study got it wrong - the original data was 22 countries of which only 6 fit the pattern. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8WA5wcaHp4 or http://www.modern-diets-and-nutritional-diseases.com/bias.html for some of the information on that, which the video above also touches on, mainly because the methodology for the six countries he did study was incomplete, and because everyone ignored the comments in the chart that said the higher cholesterol could be from fatty foods but could also be from sucrose.

Hope I made some sense with this; I am so not up-to-date or as trained as you are.