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asleep at mal 9/09
Food for thought 
5/4/10 19:45
asleep at mal 9/09
HFCS vs Sugar vs Alcohol: Equally bad. http://tongodeon.livejournal.com/893076.html http://bit.ly/o6wH1

Certainly worth watching. But be warned - this Doctor doesn't do so well on the fat acceptance sometimes. He does, however, give a clear cause and effect for why so many of us are heavier today than we were. Our diets have changed in a way that makes gaining weight the default, and he's talking about the science behind that.
5/5/10 20:59 (UTC)
right, no, i get all that.
what i don't get is how someone concluded from that that HFCS is worse than sugar.
5/5/10 21:08 (UTC)
Sort of an urban myth that some non-science health sites promote; that because it's not 50/50 sucrose/glucose but 55/45 it's worse. not significantly enough to make a difference in how our body handles it.
5/5/10 21:13 (UTC)
That was the starting point for the lj-poster, and the first thing the researcher said was wrong, that hfcs and sugar weren't significantly different, except that hfcs is sweeter and we use more of it.

He showed a chart that sugar is 100 on the sweet scale, hfcs is 12x, but almost every pre-made food on the shelf contains one or both, and "crystaline fructose" at 14x is even worse, but now that's showing up as a healthier alternative. All 3 are bad, and the amount of those that people consume have risen like crazy since post WWII when rationing stopped.
5/5/10 23:05 (UTC)
okay. you're making sense...i guess the post didn't communicate this very well (to me).