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asleep at mal 9/09
tweets and linkage from yesterday 
5/20/10 12:24
asleep at mal 9/09
Sorry to say, the cuts fuck up searching, and Google advanced search is not picking up what I need from Twitter, so these are no longer being hidden.

An excellent article: www.feminist.com/resources/artspeech/genwom/iroquoisinfluence.html Iroquios influence on early feminists.

A brief but gorgeous snip of writing and a photo of a gull at sunset over Laguna Beach: sbisson.livejournal.com/1053732.html Phoenix in flames indeed.

A good read and reminder: Disability does not preclude sexuality or desire, and everyone could learn a thing or two from those of us who figure out how to work around difficulties. http://www.scarleteen.com/article/body/disability_dharma_what_including_learning_from_disability_can_teach_everyone_about_sex

Artist Annie Wu is graduating; you should check out her work including some gorgeous illustrations and work on a new web/comic project with Elle magazine. www.anniewuart.com/2010/05/up-to-something.html

Medical Tracking:

> 10:28 Blearg. Awoken by elephants upstairs. Bad dreams all night. Pain/numb = 8/9. Stomach upset continues.
Yesterdays 1 thing did not equal the planned workout workout. Instead I did dishes. Today's 1 thing: bank & groceries. I am very tired of feeling like this, I want more exercise. #almeds

> 20:35 Back from grocery store/bank. That was exhausting. Also, the store was so cold it felt like I'd been skiing for 3 hours. By the time we got through checkout it felt like my feet were on fire with the cold (I should note the outdoor temperature was in the lower 70's, so it was the store coupled with my body). #almeds #

However, I am now editing what posts here, and these are selected for you from my tweets yesterday... after Loud Twitter shipped them to my email.
5/20/10 20:58 (UTC)
The cold feeling always sucks.