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Tweets from yesterday & today:

Sorry to say, the cuts fuck up searching, and Google advanced search is not picking up what I need from twitter so, these are no longer being hidden.

Turns out the BP gulf oilspill is actually 95k barrels a day, not 5k. Almost 20%, no big. (via @claytoncubitt)

Heartfelt memories ahead from Neil Gaiman: "I write about Ray Bradbury in the TIMES."

Why dancers are hardcore athletes:

New art print from LA artist Nate Seubert:

A meme that amused a lot of people over the last few days on twitter; these are my posts and you can see more here : Lesserbooks

1 Year of Solitude

The Art of Skirmish

The Books of Broth by Clive Barker (from T)

The Lord of the Dance by JRR Tolkien

Health (or lack thereof):

20:44 (Thurs) No idea if I've done one of these or not; today's 1 thing = nap, t/t Drs. & make lasagna. Still tired. Left to do: eat, more sleep. If I was awake, I was in pain and numb. #almeds

11:47 (Fri) Another day of being woken early by neighbors, this time they were vacuuming. Grumpy. Pain/numb 7/10 at waking. Now 7/8. Lunchtime. #almeds

11:51 It's been ~ 3 hours since I woke, finally able to type, hold things w/ one hand, etc. Feet numb/cold too. Today's plan: workout. #almeds

19:25 Also, workout accomplished. I hurt more, but at least it's pain I earned; I need more days where I have energy/pain spoons and am not too numb for a real workout. #almeds

"Tweaking the nipple of hypocrites in power can be dangerous." Nice comedic video response to Teaparty bullshit.

Dear Abby? Forced sterilization is wrong, no matter who's doing it or what the disability of those being sterilized. #ableism

Brilliant New Panera location: pay what you can.

Student NonDiscrimination Act bans discrimination in school based on sexual orientation/gender identity I wish we'd had policies in place like this when I was in school, and we knew they existed; maybe then it wouldn't have been so hellish. I still would have been an outcast, but at least I might have had the courage to say something to someone.

Flash mob protests to @ladygaga tune Sweet video. LGBTQI; equal rights; fairwage.

The one and only Jay Smooth, and an important note about what folks are getting wrong re Rand Paul: RT @maddow

IBM: doin' what comes naturally? Gives virus laden USB to attendees at Australian computer security conference. Way to go big business.

Gulf Coast Community to BP: Never Again! by Dan Bacher" via Alternet RT

Morning Glory a solar powered mechanical flower light by Wendy Legro Green art via William Gibson.

Oooh pretty art: - reminds me of some of ego_likeness's mixed-media stuff a bit, only probably more literal.

Scientists use synthetic genome to create life (for better or worse, this one is big, guys): (via greygirlbeast) More on the synthetic bacteria from the BBC: I love living in the future.

Gulf oilspill: Coast Guard protects BP. "Land of the what" indeed? (via flemco)

However, I am now editing what posts here, and these are selected for you from my tweets yesterday... after Loud Twitter ships them to my email
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