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asleep at mal 9/09
Tweets from yesterday & today: 
5/22/10 0:47
asleep at mal 9/09
Sorry to say, the cuts fuck up searching, and Google advanced search is not picking up what I need from twitter so, these are no longer being hidden.

Turns out the BP gulf oilspill is actually 95k barrels a day, not 5k. Almost 20%, no big. http://bit.ly/cfo5dp (via @claytoncubitt)

Heartfelt memories ahead from Neil Gaiman: "I write about Ray Bradbury in the TIMES." http://bit.ly/cKNRT6

Why dancers are hardcore athletes: http://youtu.be/5i9TfkayvKM?a

New art print from LA artist Nate Seubert: http://n8-zilla.livejournal.com/433567.html

A meme that amused a lot of people over the last few days on twitter; these are my posts and you can see more here : Lesserbooks

1 Year of Solitude

The Art of Skirmish

The Books of Broth by Clive Barker (from T)

The Lord of the Dance by JRR Tolkien

Health (or lack thereof):

20:44 (Thurs) No idea if I've done one of these or not; today's 1 thing = nap, t/t Drs. & make lasagna. Still tired. Left to do: eat, more sleep. If I was awake, I was in pain and numb. #almeds

11:47 (Fri) Another day of being woken early by neighbors, this time they were vacuuming. Grumpy. Pain/numb 7/10 at waking. Now 7/8. Lunchtime. #almeds

11:51 It's been ~ 3 hours since I woke, finally able to type, hold things w/ one hand, etc. Feet numb/cold too. Today's plan: workout. #almeds

19:25 Also, workout accomplished. I hurt more, but at least it's pain I earned; I need more days where I have energy/pain spoons and am not too numb for a real workout. #almeds

"Tweaking the nipple of hypocrites in power can be dangerous." http://bit.ly/aP3PxX Nice comedic video response to Teaparty bullshit.

Dear Abby? Forced sterilization is wrong, no matter who's doing it or what the disability of those being sterilized. http://disabledfeminists.com/?p=3268 #ableism

Brilliant New Panera location: pay what you can. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5g__EQ-OG9DhU1YwC4Fo4s5QREdbgD9FPI2380

Student NonDiscrimination Act bans discrimination in school based on sexual orientation/gender identity http://bit.ly/cIiB83 I wish we'd had policies in place like this when I was in school, and we knew they existed; maybe then it wouldn't have been so hellish. I still would have been an outcast, but at least I might have had the courage to say something to someone.

Flash mob protests to @ladygaga tune http://is.gd/ceQhY Sweet video. LGBTQI; equal rights; fairwage.

The one and only Jay Smooth, and an important note about what folks are getting wrong re Rand Paul: http://is.gd/cjzKb RT @maddow

IBM: doin' what comes naturally? http://bit.ly/9ilUYG Gives virus laden USB to attendees at Australian computer security conference. Way to go big business.

Gulf Coast Community to BP: Never Again! by Dan Bacher" via Alternet http://bit.ly/dngsnC RT

Morning Glory http://bit.ly/bBCxMr a solar powered mechanical flower light by Wendy Legro Green art via William Gibson.

Oooh pretty art: http://coilhouse.net/2010/05/fairy-tales-by-sperber/ - reminds me of some of ego_likeness's mixed-media stuff a bit, only probably more literal.

Scientists use synthetic genome to create life (for better or worse, this one is big, guys): http://bit.ly/aVTI0S (via greygirlbeast) More on the synthetic bacteria from the BBC: news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science_and_environment/10132762.stm I love living in the future.

Gulf oilspill: Coast Guard protects BP. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/19/bp-coast-guard-officers-b_n_581779.html "Land of the what" indeed? (via flemco)

However, I am now editing what posts here, and these are selected for you from my tweets yesterday... after Loud Twitter ships them to my email