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asleep at mal 9/09
bored now 
2/19/02 17:00
asleep at mal 9/09
got all my work done on the new processes, and even gave a training class on frame-relay configs for cisco, now there is nothing going on here and i'm bored... why is it that these days i'm either crazy busy or have absolutely nothing to do here at work? sigh... ah well at least i have a job, which i mostly enjoy, and i get paid... in other news, plans are shaping up for next weekend... going to go see a play (ellipsis - an update of sartre's No Exit - his play about hell - several friends of ours are in it, and one directed it... for more info go to www.cavegirl.com), then going to go check out the new monthly friday night club "A new monthly party featuring gothic, new wave, britpop and old-school industrial - From the all-grrl DJ team of DIVA (Ascension, Erebus) and PSYCHE (Purgatorio, spooky! II) Grand Opening: Friday, March 1 With Guest DJ REDNIKKI (Roxy Resurrection) at The Black Cat (Backstage)"... then on saturday a few of us are heading north for shopping in nyc and a visit to some friends... should be a very good (but tiring) weekend... is it thursday yet? want to go dancing already
2/27/02 2:12 (UTC)
and *ME* -- who do you think started the Dollhouse night?

2/27/02 8:54 (UTC) - Re:
i just copied the info posted on dc freaks... a bunch of friends who don't read that read my journal... didn't know you were working there, but i'll see you either tomorrow or friday