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asleep at mal 9/09
5/26 - 6/11 Life 
6/11/10 18:18
asleep at mal 9/09
I've been really pretty useless for the past two weeks with the exception of the weekend of 5/29. Pain through the roof, numb to the point that I can barely type, my body is apparently in fuck you mode despite the warm sunny weather. I've been watching a lot of TV, sleeping too much, and occasionally reading online or books when I can.

First round of new test results are back so I have another Doctor's appointment Monday. In the meantime this weekend is LA Pride, and with the exception of Sunday brunch & sitting in a chair parade watching with B & J and company I'm doing nothing; I have neither the energy nor the pain tolerance for walking, dancing, etc. Can I just say this bites?

Here are the life updates I haven't been together enough to edit into a coherent post...

Weds 5/26 (didn't get to workout, pain and numb worsened too quickly):
12:52 Awake, moving; slept almost 12 hours, I needed to catch up. Pain/numb~6/7. Today I will workout damnit. Sunny & warm out is good. #almeds

Thurs 5/27:
17:17 Ouch, ouch, ouch. Bloodwork done, passed the fuck out afterwards. That was today's 1 thing. Migraine too. Pain/numb 8/6. #almeds
17:20 11 vials of blood today, & they used the syringe where they snap into it, not tubing. I have an ugly bruise & am typing w/ 1 hand. #almeds
17:23 At least Monday when they took 9 vials they used butterfly style w/ tubing & separate vial connection; those hurt/bruise a lot less. #almeds
17:26 Two more 24 hour tests (saliva) & ultrasound on thyroid, then the tests for the new doctor are done. Answers would be great. #almeds

Fri 5/28:
13:14 Fuck fuck fuck. Today's 1 thing = sewing. Unfortunately I just sewed the front panels together wrong. Pain/numb 6/5, but brain 60%. #almeds
13:15 Insomnia last night kept me tossing and turning but I did get ~ 8 hours of sleep and woke at noon. Stomach upset too. Cranky now. #almeds
13:17 Lets see if I can remove these seams without fucking up the vinyl or cutting myself. Stupid brain. #almeds
22:26 Sewing has taken nearly all my attention today, and likely tomorrow. Not playing catchup here, will be back after this project is done.
22:59 Right now, I am braindead and starting to hurt more and be more numb. Time to read until I fall sleep. #almeds

Sat 5/29:
9:35 Fell asleep reading, slept OK except for nightmares. Pain/numb = 6/6 again, brain reset for the moment. Back to sewing; must finish. #almeds
23:00 Done sewing for the day; neckline and armhole hems left. Almost done which is good since I will be wearing it tomorrow. #creative
23:02 Shoulders and arms are killing me, numb 8, that's after 30+ mins of tens & pain meds. Bed soon. Tomorrow - finish dress, nap, bbq, dance? #almeds

Sun 5/30 (no twitter):
I finished the new dress in the morning, then we went to a bbq at n8zilla and desiringmachine's place. I found a seat in the corner and friends brought me food and drink and ignored the fact that I was only half there. It was still good to get out and see people. Following that was a bit of dancing at Malediction; they had a live show featuring an off-key set by System Syn and a great set by Informatic. New dress was a hit; picture will be posted soon. It was very crowded and we left early though. #almeds

Mon 5/31:
14:10 Finally semi-functional. Sewing, talking, dancing accomplished yesterday, plus napping, sleep. Sunny day, pain/numb 7/5. #almeds
14:12 Upstairs elephants woke me again, around noon. Today will be nada except recovering, more sleep, catch-up. Brain slow & sieve-like. #almeds

Tues 6/1:
13:16 11 hours of sleep = I guess I was still tired even w/ the naps. Yesterday evening we wound up going to Skewers for B & J's birthday (yummm) #almeds
13:19 Then Ground Control (aka Goth karaoke) - loads of off key = ouch; a few good songs = thank you. I was in pain & cranky - sorry all. #almeds
13:21 Today = clean up sewing area, kitchen (with T's help that is). Pain/numb = 8/7; enjoying leftover skewers for lunch atm. Also more job searching & catchup. #almeds
19:27 Dizzy. Between the living room & bathroom I hit both sides of the hall frame & bathroom door frame. Go me. New bruises shortly. #almeds
21:13 And now, I have had enough internet for the day. Head swimming, migraine starts. Time for "TV" and then to bed. #almeds

Weds 6/2 (Workout failed; migraine never really went away):
12:04 Awake, ~ 11 hours sleep. Lunch in progress. Pain/numb 8/7. Migraine continues. #almeds Today's 1 thing = workout i hope.

Thurs 6/3 (no twitter):
Migraine continued; lost the day entirely to naps and brainlessness I think. Also intermittent elephants upstairs based on the Friday LJ post, but I do not remember for sure. #almeds

Fri 6/4:
18:30 Today has been rough. Slept poorly, woken by upstairs heard, migraine was worse at a 9. Painkillers have finally dropped it to 7. #almeds
18:34 Numb = 8, arms feel like they're on fire while functioning as dead weight. Unhappy and useless. Neighbor still stomping overhead. #almeds

Sat 6/5:
14:55 No elephants today = hooray. Pain/numb = 6/8. Today's 1 thing: dancing at Mode:M later on, probably after a nap. Slept well, but still tired #almeds

Sun 6/6:
17:25 Dancing last night was poor, will try again tonight at mal. Slept poorly (upset stomach), woke late. Pain/numb = 6/6. #almeds

Mon 6/7 (Itchy all over has returned; I can once again barely stand to put on clothes; been struggling not to scratch my skin raw. WTF is causing this?):
02:19 Dancing fail. Music was good tonight which is way better than last night. Body totally unwilling though. Pain/numb = 8/9. Slept through...
02:20 much of the night. Bed once I manage to get myself out of these clothes. Hope tomorrow is better. #almeds
02:23 Also, home not even 5 mins, small earthquake. 3.6 off the coast of Santa Monica. We live just inland from there.
02:34 Does the earthquake we just felt have anything to do with me feeling like ass and sleepy all day? No answers just a question. #almeds
02:35 Ok - time to undress & get more sleep. Earthquake aside, I hurt like hell, clothes are annoying, and I'm wiped the fuck out. #almeds
18:44 Exhausted. Pain/numb = 8/9. Not from dancing; I slept through much of mal. Today: laundry. 5 huge industrial front loaders worth. #almeds

Tues 6/8:
16:21 Today's 1 thing: vote. No line, done quickly. Good. Pain = 9 (hip), numb = 7. Apparently slept wrong; I hurt bad, + I was snoring (I do not usually snore unless I'm really sick with a cold or sinus infection; thankfully I am not). #almeds
22:15 And the itchies which had decreased to tolerable are back full force this week. Clothes are almost unbearable. Stop now. #almeds
22:20 I am seriously considering shaving my head b/c I can't stand the feeling of hair on my neck/shoulders. And i already have a mohawk. #almeds

Weds 6/9:
12:56 Grr... slept well, still tired though. Pain (hip) 8, numb 8 i can barely type, shoulders to fingers, waist to toes burning numb. #almeds
13:00 I was hoping the warmer weather would decrease the frequency of days like yesterday/today. Apparently I was wrong. #almeds
19:35 Meds helped the numb a bit; now I can kinda type and thankfully I'd already figured out how to use my touchpad when hands are numb. #almeds

Thurs 6/10:
17:24 Non-productive day; woken early this am by construction or yardwork nearby, finally fell back asleep around 1 and just woke up. #almeds
17:26 It was gorgeous out though - if I'd had the energy to get there lying on the beach would've been ideal. Instead I sat on the patio and re-read part of The Dark Tower this morning while the sun was out. #almeds

And a few links which you may have missed...

Allies to US: End DADT http://www.advocate.com/News/Daily_News/2010/05/26/Allies_to_US_Get_Over_Antigay_Policy/

http://rm.livejournal.com/1859070.html on DADT and rapeculture. She's dead on in many respects. Repeal it new.

Dr. George Tiller’s Assassin Was No Lone Wolf. Good article; in-depth investigative reporting on the anti-choice movement. http://www.theinvestigativefund.org/investigations/gender/1319/not_a_lone_wolf/

NPR on the FCC & the Internet. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=127082584 The FCC needs control to ensure access for all; not control content. Net neutrality is an important issue, and Congress seems to be bowing to the providers rather than protecting us from the monopoly.

Very Interesting (video/animation): what motivates us. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6XAPnuFjJc&feature=player_embedded

News that inspires awe shared most: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/09/science/09tier.html?emc=eta1 Science Fact of the Day (SFOD).

Removable Truths: this is the first of a series of articles I found frightening and incredibly interesting - I suggest reading them all. On the fallibility of memory, and our ability to believe things that didn't happen if they're suggested the right way. http://www.slate.com/id/2251881/ In other words, psychologists have figured out how to re-program our brains.

Something else to think and possibly write about: http://jaylake.livejournal.com/2180562.html A post on hope to balance the pain. Right now, I haven't got much to say, but jaylake makes some good points.

Joreth on atheism and being visibly atheist: http://joreth.livejournal.com/220891.html Excellent; I need to do better with being visible.

The city that ended hunger: http://www.yesmagazine.org/issues/food-for-everyone/the-city-that-ended-hunger
Why are we not doing this in the U.S.A.?

The New Yorker on Wikileaks: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2010/06/07/100607fa_fact_khatchadourian?currentPage=all

Awe inspring stories http://www.cracked.com/article_18550_5-true-war-stories-that-put-every-action-movie-to-shame.html History lessons du jour.

http://meloukhia.net/2010/06/what_to_do_when_someone_approaches_to_tell_you_about_sexual_assault_or_abuse.html Something everyone should read regarding the aftermath of rapeculture.

When pregnancy isn't an accident: http://www.thenation.com/article/when-teen-pregnancy-no-accident This may make you think about how our society responds, and definitely falls under the rapeculture heading...

BBC has some new, scary but realistic PSAs on Teenage Partner Abuse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_GalHbevfs&NR=1 & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzDr18UYO18 I'd like to see these running in the US too; they show rapeculture from another angle and handle it well.

The Onion sums it: up http://onion.com/df4o0i Very astute observations on the Gulf oilspill.

Sorry this got so long; I'll do my best to get back to every day or two posts rather than two weeks. There are some seriously good links behind the cut though, and I need the medical stuff un-cut so google advanced search can help me find that. My apologies for eating up your page view today.