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Tuesday - Saturday

And another longish update, but not too bad...

13:24 Up since about 11, brain firing fairly well, so I'm reading and writing atm. Pain/numb 6/8. Hope to workout later. Started Armor. #almeds
21:38 Workout accomplished; been helping boy review Linux/Unix stuffs in advance of an interview. Brain turning to mush already: #almeds

15:22 Today's 1 thing: help A clean apartment (she's doing all the hard stuff, I'm just putting little things away, etc). Pain/numb 8/7. #almeds
15:24 Later, in exchange for housework, I'll help her w/ tax-cut to file 2009. Also, more linux/unix review w/ T if my brain still works. #almeds
23:47 Taxes, linux/unix didn't happen. Instead, nap, TV. Brain has returned to semi-functional after napping, but A is missing forms & T is in bed. #almeds

11:40 Awake since ~ 10, headache 9, pain/numb 7/6. Slept poorly, fubar dreams. Today's 1 thing: take a walk or workout. #almeds
11:42 Logic/writer brain here more often the last week, but napping more and I think more lost time (Trans. Global Amnesia) as tradeoff. #almeds

15:05 grrr... fractured sleep due to upset stomach & fubar dreams; woke ~ 2:30pm with splitting headache. Headache 8, pain 6, numb 8. #almeds
15:07 Didn't get to walk or workout yesterday due to stomach, doubt I will today either. No obvious changes w/ Armor thus far; grumpy. #almeds
23:39 Today's 1 thing: shower, help A with tax stuff for a bit. Headache mostly gone, but numb continues to be bad as does stomach. #almed

17:32 Awake, slept about 14 hours total between more fubar dreams & noisy elephants. Pain/numb 7/7. Today's 1 thing: errands. Most of the day disappeared.

Rape, sexual assault and harassment in the news:

On why we should care about women raping men: care/

And last week in rapeculture re: women... and Our society has some fucked up morals.

On Hollaback (a brilliant group of websites that tracks street harassment with writeups, pictures and locations) and "redneck chivalry".

On sexual assault in the LGBTQI community

Amazing anti-domestic violence ads from India:

A thing of joy and beauty forever: (via rm) LGBTQI (note: I don't condone violence but...)

Link porn including stuff that made me smile:

In good news, openly gay best friends (both male) crowned prom King & Queen in upstate NY:

Quote of the day: The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation -Thoreau

Thought provoking piece on E.L. Doctorow's "False Documents" - fiction vs. non-fiction: #bookgeek

Hayabusa has returned from asteroid, appears intact, retrieved and headed to Japan. #SFOD

Astronomers say they have observed a distant icy world, KBO 55636, orbiting beyond Neptune #SFOD

The 2010 partial lunar eclipse (visible from much of North America) is in 9 days and counting!

The truth will out... On the Border Violence lie:

This confession from a Tea Party strategist is must reading. Detailed, convincing. (via @ebertchicago) Scary.

So, how do we move to 100% electric cars, using today's science, and with good affordable cars? A TED talk.

Internet Kill Switch? Sooo not a good idea as noted here: We need to fight this bill if we want to continue to have free open debate and speech on the internet.

Finally, a bunch of stuff on the gulf oil spill:

A good rant on the gulf: "Here's a fine mess." We seem to be helpless to stop the OilSpill. From Roger Ebert.

"On the terrifying possibility that the Gulf oilspill might now be unstoppable." (via @warrenellis & @bldgblog)

Further information on gulf oilspill & potential erosion

More than just an oil slick indeed. Well written with important links:

And that concludes the summary of links edited from my twitter feed for the past few days. Still working on remembering to post these every day or two.
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