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asleep at mal 9/09
Tuesday - Saturday 
6/20/10 11:28
asleep at mal 9/09
And another longish update, but not too bad...

13:24 Up since about 11, brain firing fairly well, so I'm reading and writing atm. Pain/numb 6/8. Hope to workout later. Started Armor. #almeds
21:38 Workout accomplished; been helping boy review Linux/Unix stuffs in advance of an interview. Brain turning to mush already: #almeds

15:22 Today's 1 thing: help A clean apartment (she's doing all the hard stuff, I'm just putting little things away, etc). Pain/numb 8/7. #almeds
15:24 Later, in exchange for housework, I'll help her w/ tax-cut to file 2009. Also, more linux/unix review w/ T if my brain still works. #almeds
23:47 Taxes, linux/unix didn't happen. Instead, nap, TV. Brain has returned to semi-functional after napping, but A is missing forms & T is in bed. #almeds

11:40 Awake since ~ 10, headache 9, pain/numb 7/6. Slept poorly, fubar dreams. Today's 1 thing: take a walk or workout. #almeds
11:42 Logic/writer brain here more often the last week, but napping more and I think more lost time (Trans. Global Amnesia) as tradeoff. #almeds

15:05 grrr... fractured sleep due to upset stomach & fubar dreams; woke ~ 2:30pm with splitting headache. Headache 8, pain 6, numb 8. #almeds
15:07 Didn't get to walk or workout yesterday due to stomach, doubt I will today either. No obvious changes w/ Armor thus far; grumpy. #almeds
23:39 Today's 1 thing: shower, help A with tax stuff for a bit. Headache mostly gone, but numb continues to be bad as does stomach. #almed

17:32 Awake, slept about 14 hours total between more fubar dreams & noisy elephants. Pain/numb 7/7. Today's 1 thing: errands. Most of the day disappeared.

Rape, sexual assault and harassment in the news:

On why we should care about women raping men: http://thecurvature.com/2010/06/11/rape-male-victims-and-why-we-need-to- care/

And last week in rapeculture re: women... http://bit.ly/aHwx6P and http://bit.ly/bz2GLQ Our society has some fucked up morals.

On Hollaback (a brilliant group of websites that tracks street harassment with writeups, pictures and locations) and "redneck chivalry". http://polimicks.livejournal.com/35758.html

On sexual assault in the LGBTQI community http://www.barcc.org/blog/sexual-assault-in-the-lgbtq-community/

Amazing anti-domestic violence ads from India: http://www.feministing.com/archives/021525.html

A thing of joy and beauty forever: http://lansing.craigslist.org/rnr/1797870768.html (via rm) LGBTQI (note: I don't condone violence but...)

Link porn including stuff that made me smile:

In good news, openly gay best friends (both male) crowned prom King & Queen in upstate NY: http://bit.ly/aLysgz

Quote of the day: The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation -Thoreau

Thought provoking piece on E.L. Doctorow's "False Documents" - fiction vs. non-fiction: http://bit.ly/c2wGQS #bookgeek

Hayabusa has returned from asteroid, appears intact, retrieved and headed to Japan. http://bit.ly/9t8kD3 #SFOD

Astronomers say they have observed a distant icy world, KBO 55636, orbiting beyond Neptune http://bit.ly/d0wMrg #SFOD

The 2010 partial lunar eclipse (visible from much of North America) is in 9 days and counting! http://ow.ly/1ZXBb

The truth will out... On the Border Violence lie: http://www.racialicious.com/?p=8459

This confession from a Tea Party strategist is must reading. Detailed, convincing. http://j.mp/aIBnm8 (via @ebertchicago) Scary.

So, how do we move to 100% electric cars, using today's science, and with good affordable cars? A TED talk. http://j.mp/al8fgb

Internet Kill Switch? Sooo not a good idea as noted here: http://theferrett.livejournal.com/1458414.html We need to fight this bill if we want to continue to have free open debate and speech on the internet.

Finally, a bunch of stuff on the gulf oil spill:

A good rant on the gulf: "Here's a fine mess." We seem to be helpless to stop the OilSpill. http://j.mp/aOHgQZ From Roger Ebert.

"On the terrifying possibility that the Gulf oilspill might now be unstoppable." http://is.gd/cRWNX (via @warrenellis & @bldgblog)

Further information on gulf oilspill & potential erosion http://bit.ly/9ZJOGE

More than just an oil slick indeed. Well written with important links: http://bit.ly/dr3UfR

And that concludes the summary of links edited from my twitter feed for the past few days. Still working on remembering to post these every day or two.
6/20/10 20:39 (UTC)
Are we still doing ward sale next Sunday?
6/20/10 20:50 (UTC)
We can; if we are we should definitely start publicizing it, and planning. I'm up, online (my aim username is the same as here, or gchat is alumieresg@gmail) or call me.
6/21/10 0:35 (UTC)
Shit I just saw this. If we did it this weekend I'd need help carrying everything because of my thumb. I could be ready, but if you want to postpone it that's cool too. Maybe talk to Rebecca and Hawke?