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Friday the 25th - Wednesday the 30th

10:39 Awake, ~8.5 hours sleep, still tired. Thankfully numb isn't so bad atm, ~6. Pain also 6. Stomach unhappy as hell though... #almeds
10:40 food in, food out for the past 2 or 3 days. Today: errands, pricing & stuff for yardsale if possible. #almeds

20:20 Today has been decent pain/numb wise - 7/6. Yardsale prep mostly finished, T just needs to load the car. Tired now but 1 thing done. #almeds

Sunday (not online at all):
Yardsale went fairly well. Sold stuff, hung out with friends, got some sun (must lay out and fix tank top tan lines). Ate quiche for lunch. Came home to nap then some dancing at mal (after more napping at the start of the night).

12:00 Ooof. Pain/numb 8/9. Yardsale was sort-of successful, we all sold some stuff. Napped & then went to dance (also napped at club). #almeds
13:04 Today's 1 thing: drop off remaining yard-sale stuff at Out of the Closet, take books to Counterpoint to sell, unload the car... #almeds
13:06 and sort the remainder for Etsy or direct sale, collapse in exhaustion. #almeds (Thankfully T will do most of the lifting)
13:11 Bright side: I'm now at prob. 1/2 the full dose of Armor. Still over tired/sleeping lots, but my skin & nails look somewhat better. #almeds
18:22 Out of the Closet & Counterpoint success; sorting the remainder not. Wiped the fuck out; maybe tomorrow. #almeds
18:35 Working on some linux studying w/ T for a while since my brain is here, then I may catchup online or I may be done for the day. #almeds

Tuesday: lost day, minimal reconstruction already posted; talking to T resulted in comment you were really out of it yesterday

13:46 Splitting headache/migraine (8-9); took two hours to compose about lost time... Pain/numb 7/8. Cranky. #almeds
13:48 Today's 1 thing - clean up messes from yesterday, cope with migraine. G/I tract also upset with me. I hate that my body does this. #almeds

02:47 2:30am, migraine & upset stomach = can't sleep. Reading in my preferred schema (dark lavender on royal purple) is ok. Re: Tues - I was really out of it per others. #almeds
15:09 Awake. Finally got to sleep around dawn, slept for ~ 7 hours. Woke to no feeling at all in right arm/hand; now it is excessively numb & painful #almeds
15:12 Right hip/leg are also bad bad today. At least the migraine is mostly gone. Pain/numb 9/9. 1 thing: bank/rent, pain meds after that. #almeds
17:51 Bank done, meds starting to work. Pain/numb now at 7/ 8. Cancelling plans for the 4th in favor of helping T study linux for interview (he reads/makes sense of info and dictates to me; I do not get most of it but that's ok - he learns better this way, and I can still type albeit more slowly). #almeds

Links - edited and consolidated:

I know I post about other things a lot, but we shouldn't forget #haiti. Huge problems continue & it's hurricane season.

BP - now doing deep drilling in Alaska:

Solitary confinement of juvenile girls: Horrible. #feminism #rapeculture

14:50 This is wonderful site detailing the massive return on investment public libraries provide. via officialgaiman #book #geek

150th anniversary of the Great Debate About #Evolution at Oxford. Bishop Wilberforce vs. Thomas Huxley. RT @ebertchicago

Wow. Leviathan melvillei, new giant predatory fossil whale from the Miocene of Peru: #science via greygirlbeast

What if a black hole made its way toward Earth? AMNH astrophysicists @neiltyson and Michael Shara tell all #science

"Birth of a new ocean" #science

Sad. #artist Tobias Wong dead at 35:

Speculative but very interesting #science: Quantum Entanglement holds DNA together.

Hee... #BP logo AR (augmented reality) hack, a la Pattern Recognition RT @greatdismal #geek

You think maybe I was wrong about video games as art? My new blog entry, just published. via @ebertchicago

And a few things that were too good to hide behind a cut...

"Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law." -- Thomas Jefferson RT @ebertchicago #atheism #freedomofreligion

"Can't you just be satisfied that if I'm wrong about god I'll burn in hell?" #atheism via joreth

Ok - these lyrics/this poem are/is brilliant!

Wow. Just wow. This is GOOD. Mrs. @GreatDismal introduces iPhone4 vs. HTC Evo [NSFW it's got the swears] #video #geek
Tags: dancing, geek, la life, media/funny/etc, medical, political

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