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Life tracking - Thursday 7/1 to Friday 7/9

Thursday 7/1:
02:47 2:30am, migraine & upset stomach = can't sleep. Reading in my preferred schema is ok. Re: Tues - I was really out of it per others. #almeds
15:09 Awake. Finally got to sleep around dawn, slept for ~ 7 hours. Woke to no feeling at all in right arm/hand; now it is numb & painful #almeds
15:12 Right hip/leg are also bad bad today. At least the migraine is mostly gone. Pain/numb 9/9. 1 thing: bank/rent, pain meds after that. #almeds
17:51 Bank done, meds starting to work. Pain/numb now at 7/8. Canx plans for the 4th in favor of helping T study linux for interview. #almeds

Friday 7/2:
13:22 Awake. Feeling closer to human after ~ 11 hours of sleep (only got up once). Pain/numb 6/6. Today:help T wih linux cramming #almeds

Saturday 7/3:
00:09 Just noticed: even with Armor dose at probably 1/2, I am no longer freezing all the time. Still prefer 80+, but this is better. #almeds
15:28 Slept ~ 10 hours, pain/numb 7/7 today. 1 thing: more linux cramming for T. Maybe workout too? Weather = sunny & warm - yeah! #almeds

Sunday 7/4:
00:17 1.5+ chapters of linux bullshit completed, 1 more to go plus glossary and additional material. That's for tomorrow, and then dancing #almeds
00:19 Today has been one of those days where everything I eat upsets my stomach. At least I'm not puking I guess. Food in, food out = bleh #almeds
16:57 Success. Also, ouch. Last two chapters of the horrible book turned into a detailed outline with examples. Headache=8, pain/numb=7/8 #almeds
16:58 Stomach still ridiculously unhappy too. I am done; going to go try to nap so I have a bit of energy to dance later at mal. #almeds

Monday 7/5:
13:10 Danced some last night, slept well but still tired. Today = clean up kitchen; help transplant tomatoes, etc. Pain/numb 6/7. #almeds
23:54 Bleargh - planting plans scrapped due to damp weather and more linux study for T. Tomorrow instead. Pain/numb ^ to 8/8 now. Bed soon #almeds

Tuesday 7/6:
23:02 Migrain + rain + pain at 9-10; spent most of today in dark living room offline hoping pain meds would work. Food & body (cont) #almeds
23:04 not getting along either; food in, food out. But around dusk we did get plants transplanted (rain stopped). Numb 8-9. Bed soon. #almeds

Wednesday 7/7:
09:30 The wet weather continues. Pain/numb 9/9. Enough. I'd like to wake up once this week without needing pain meds to start the day. #almeds
09:32 Going to try soaking in hot tub after I take my meds in hopes that I can do something more useful than curl up on the couch. #almeds
13:57 Hot water and meds have made a small dent, but still ouchy. None-the less I am going to go try to get through the mound of paperwork #almeds

Thursday 7/8
17:29 Today has been reasonably productive in spite of being woken up by pain=9-10 at 4? am and being on pain meds. Current pain/numb 8/7. #almeds
17:32 I'm not moving much, but I've dealt with insurance, job aps & financial paperwork and done more research into my failing body/brain. #almeds
18:51 Slightly frightening - 8 rows of meds on 2 shelves, 5-7 bottles deep, & I can tell T exactly which one is painkillers (at least atm) #almeds

Friday 7/9
15:57 Sun/warm=good. Still hurt, but mostly my arms/hands not my legs too; this is a definite improvement. Back to enjoying the (cont) #almeds
15:58 impact of the yellow ball of hate with a nap (yeah melatonin). Dancing is planned for later as today's 1 thing. #almeds

So - the last week or so has been amazingly bad pain-wise. The pain in my hip has been high, and the damp/rain has turned up new levels of pain for me. My knees/ankles don't usually hurt, but they've been almost matching my hip. And my shoulder/arm/hand pain has gotten to ludicrous stage; I have taken pain meds several times a day every day this week, and even with them the surface numbness is now accompanied by deep, burning pain in my shoulders, elbows, and hands. This sucks and I have no idea how to counter it effectively. Typing hurts, scrolling through stuff online hurts, a paperback is heavy enough to send waves of pain through my hands/arms, and things like cooking or holding a pen are 10+ on my scale.

To add to the specialness that is, the surfaces of my skin are still numb on my hands/arms/upper legs - so my bones hurt at the same time I am not feeling things - enough to leave bruises/burns/cuts without noticing them. And on top of that, my face, neck, shoulders, torso and hips are so sensitive that clothes, sheets, skincare stuff, my hair, someone's touch, water or sweat, etc create an itchiness that makes me want to laser off every bit of hair permanently and never leave the apartment (so I don't have to dress), since I know scratching my skin raw isn't a good idea. I also want silk everything - clothes, sheets, bath linens, furniture coverings, etc as that is the least irritating fabric when I feel like this.

I know, I know, things could be worse, and other people who have Fibromyalgia have similar symptoms, but this is so overwhelming, especially when added to the ongoing problems that started with Lyrica-fail. I don't know how to adjust to this, and I don't think I want to learn; I'd really like the doctors to come up with something that helps with the pain and sensitivity now please.

On a more positive note, I'm alive, I'm well loved and love well in return, my family/friends are awesome, and there are new doctors and more options that I'm sure I've never heard of. I will keep trying to be patient, track as much as I can, and do everything possible to take care of myself.

Tomorrow's another day, we're going to dance tomorrow night (yeah release of pent-up aggro and angry), and I am not quitting or giving up. My body and I seem to have some serious animosity going at the moment, but I am working toward a reconciliation with every resource available. And until then, I can still dance; as long as I get to dance once or twice a week I can do this.
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