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Make a point of starting something that you've been dreaming of, but haven't gotten around to yet. There's really no better time than now. (From kambriel)

I'm working on this; I've created an etsy shop (currently empty, but hope to have items up next week) and I'm working on new pieces for a fashion show on 8/15. Thus far I have bottoms done for three models, with at least two more models planned, and I need to make tops and accessories. The theme is black-light and light up designs, and the event is being held at Redondo Beach Arts Center; more details as I get them. is excellent. I know how frustrated I get with all these health issues, and that my doctors don't always know how to help. It's good to see things from the doctor's point of view.

Links - comics/cartoons, science, history, feminism, politics, gender/sexuality, art/creativity, more...

New Scientist on dismantling gender divide #feminism

Excellent post: The art of being a good poly partner: #polyamory

Relabel death tax as welfare reform: #politics

Check out this open source clothing company's kickstarter project--pretty cool stuff. #creativity

Death Guild Fundraiser. DNA Lounge, 8/5, 8p Because is singing a duet with Kurt (from Information Society). If you're in/near SF I highly recommend this! #art

Nanoparticles and Stem Cells Reduced Arterial Plaque volume by 56.8 Percent over 6 Months in Pigs #science

More historical facts Palin, the teaparty & the gop ignore: (re: Ground Zero Mosque bullshit) #freedomofreligion #politics

Fascinating read ("The Creativity Crisis") #education #creativity

DARPA-funded Modular Prosthetic Limb to be grafted onto patient within the year #science

Today's SMBC comic wins:

Crisis of Capitalism: #animation #video

NSFW (nudity) but STRICTLY FOR SCIENCE: The Sound of Clothes #art #video

"America's ignorant, narcissistic anti-Europeanism is an embarrassment." (Foreign Policy mag) #politics

Suzanne Forbes shows you the right way (and warns about the wrong ways) of buying a custom #corset:

No doubt one of many, but the best Old Spice parody thus far: (via rednikki)

Health care plans for High Risk patients cannot cover abortions: Ridiculous. #pro-choice #feminism

Armor for Cats & Mice. Beautiful metal #art.

This sarcastic takedown of rapeculture from Scotland should be shown worldwide: #feminism

Fighting Xian Supremacists in the Military: A must read for any interested in USA's future #religion #politics #atheism

Neat. Maya Blue - now if they can develop a black that doesn't fade... #science #history

docbrite quoting Greil Markus on music's magic: It definitely works that way for me. #geek

DOMA ruling could stand up on Supreme Court appeal: Good news for LGBTQIA USians! (#politics)

Had to share this... Obscure wildcat species: #cute

Women priests as bad as pedophiles per Catholic Church? #religion #rapeculture #feminism

Interesting article "What Caffeine Actually Does to Your Brain": #science #geek

18th-century ship found during excavation for new WTC construction: #history (via rm)

GOP to middle eastern nations: please help us block #LGBTQIA rights worldwide through the UN: This is ridiculous! #religion #politics

"Smile or Die" Another great piece from RSA animate on the delusion of positive thinking. #reality #video #animation

Neat stuff: #science #earthquake

Liquid armour: I love living in the future. #science

Arthur's round table found? #history

On self-esteem or lack thereof... I feel the same way sometimes, but I'm too stubborn to quit

Nice. Street #art #video:

If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend: It's Jody's latest cartoon, and it is awesome. #video
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