alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

A mostly good weekend

Friday we went to Das Bunker, which was better than recent attempts but still too many kids and fucking hipsters. Also, I was hurting big-time all night. I didn't dance at all, but I did get to meet catalytic_kali and see some friends so it could have been worse.

Saturday was mostly lazy; did some food prep for Sunday's BBQ in honor of desiringmachine's birthday, and started editing ninjacooter's second book. I really like where it's going so far, and I'll pimp it mercilessly when it's done.

Yesterday was the above-mentioned BBQ which was small and awesome. Meat (beef in red wine/spices, chicken in white wine/spices) & vegetables on sticks plus homemade potato salad, tabouli, spicy tomato salsa, and roasted corn & black bean salsa. Good conversations with desiringmachine, n8zilla, hypnobella & S, Becca & her mom and a few other people who I don't have on lj.

Then we changed clothes and went to mal where we danced and spent more time hanging out with friends. xianvox spun great music, and although I would have liked to dance more, I got in as much movement as my body would allow.

Today will be spent recovering from yesterday; but I'm ok with that for a change. I just wish that my pain levels would drop to manageable again, and that my memory wouldn't fail me as often as it seems to do. But I'm lucky to have so many good friends and enough spoons to go out dancing once a week, so I'll enjoy it while I can.
Tags: dancing, la life, weekend plans

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