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1:23pm Awake, pain/numb 8/7. My brain does not comprehend failbook at all. Must go to grocery store today. Still tired, nauseaus - yeah. #almeds
7:09pm This. On chronic pain and the attitudes we get in the US: #almeds #ableism

3:30am Insomnia is bad tonight, my brain isn't working in any real way, but it still won't turn off. Sleep would be good please. #almeds
5:26am Seriously, it's 5am and I'm still awake. This is not right, and means today will be an utter waste. #almeds Stupid body/brain fail.
1:28pm ~ 5 hours of sleep isn't enough. Pain/numb 8/7. Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight. For now, work on pictures. #almeds
7:32pm Today's 1 thing: clean up dishes, clear extra table so Spyke could pick it up. Done. Pain/numb 8/7. Warm summery weather finally. #almeds
11:07pm Took bedtime meds early in the hopes of getting a decent night's sleep tonight; bed very soon. Pain/numb 9/8, high for a nice day. #almeds

12:43pm 12 hours of intermittently interrupted sleep. Not as tired, but pain/numb 9/6. Why? It's finally summer here, warm, sunny, dry. #almeds
12:44pm TENS and stretching shortly in hopes that I can get some clean-up done today. Piles of fabric, bits of trim, etc are everywhere. #almeds
10:30pm Yeah - it feels like i have hair stuck in my throat. Coughing non-stop. WTF? It's August, I'm not sick, just this scratchiness. #almeds

9:11pm Today's 1 thing - wake up around noon, slept ok, not great, help A clean new rental before moving in - it was absolutely disgusting. #almeds
9:20pm Pain/numb 9/7. I hurt, but at least it's pain I did something to get. 0 spoons, lazy nite so I hopefully have energy to dance Sat #almeds

1:38pm Wow - still tired. I kept waking up because my arms/shoulders were on fire in a bad way. Pain/numb 9/7. Today's 1 thing: Disko Nekro #almeds
4:00pm A and I just had yummy mexican foods for lunch. I am very happy about that - Carne Asada made right is awesome. #foodisgood

12:59pm Farmers market accomplished, fresh fruit, veggies, eggs. Gaya melon (with whiteish rind) are a delishious new find. Nap soon. #almeds
6:08pm Long nap. I feel much more human. Pain/numb at 6/5 (was at 8/7 pre-nap). Dancing at Mal later. #almeds

2:59am Not enough dancing toinite; we all missed @xianvox and her music choices/skills. Danced a bit, achy. Hot water and bed shortly #almeds
7:00pm Dr's appointment took nearly 3 hours. Her office is miserably cold and uncomfortable. Pain/numb 9/8. I'm done, having Greek delivery #almeds
7:02pm Brain = mush, overwhelmed by information, stunned with how bad my test results are. At least we're trying new thyroid med at ^ dose. #almeds

2:19pm Sadly, we missed Marissa's birthday gathering at Ground Control; after the doctor I ate (delivery greek = yum) and was asleep by 9pm #almeds
2:24pm Today is somewhat better - heading to laundromat soon, pain/numb 7/7 after 12+ hours sleep. Brain still overwhelmed though. #almeds
6:29pm Laundry done, damn was it warm in the laundromat. Also went to Vitamin Shoppe for suggested meds ($230). But 1 thing was productive. #almeds
6:30pm I hope supplementing amino acids (which were all crazy low) & B/A/C help. My body apparently isn't processing food properly. #almeds

12:29am Talk to Doctor about this: #almeds #science
4:22am Went to bed, slept for about 3.5 hours, woken by fubar dream + pain. Waiting for meds to work - I am tired as fuck. #almeds
7:29am 3+ hours later I think I'm ready to sleep again. I hate my brain/body doing this shit. Pain/numb 8/7 atm, hopefully more sleep helps #almeds
3:36pm Sleep fail mostly rectified; slept from 7:30 to 1 with a brief interruption/phone call. Pain/numb 7/7, eating late lunch atm. #almeds
3:59pm Spent an hour sorting new meds & re-organizing cabinet. Once again over 40 pills/day. & two batches must be on empty stomach - bleh. #almeds
4:01pm Take Thyroid, etc; wait 2 hours, take iron/aminos, wait an hour, then you can eat. Wait 2 hours, take more aminos, wait an hour, eat. At least 2 hours later (at bedtime) take last of aminos. Hate. #almeds
10:24pm Wow - amino acids are huge pills, to be taken on an empty stomach, and cause serious heartburn. Do not like. Pain/numb ^ to 9/8. #almeds

1:49am I should be in bed, but pain is bad and sleep is not happening. Hopefully soon; amino acid hearburn continues too - bleh. #almeds
3:12am Time to try bed again. Pain still at a 9, so this is not promising. Even my face hurts today. TENS and heat have failed, meds too. #almeds
3:10pm Fractured sleep, continuing heartburn, pain/numb 8/8. I hope my body adjusts to these new meds quickly. Plan = workout if possible #almeds
4:56pm Gah. Pain/numb 10/8 now, Headache/migrain, face hurts, heartburn. Please get yourself together body and adjust already. #almeds
5:31pm Ah... in addition to new meds, it appears my 2 wk cycle is shorter than usual; last one started 8/15. Sometimes I hate being female. #almeds
5:33pm At least that explains some of the pain level and the growing migraine. Hope it'll go away quickly. #almeds
9:13pm Ahhh... heating pad and pain pill helped some, at least the part of my lower back. Rest of me still at 8/8. Stupid body. #almeds

5:38am T's alarm woke me, but at least I slept for about 5 hours so far. Waiting for melatonin to kick in so I sleep more. #almeds
1:17pm Slowly waking up. ~ 10 hours of sleep in between very odd, disturbing dreams. Pain/numb 8/7. May it stay this way. #almeds
5:08pm Hmmm... may join the napping boy. Today's 1 thing: Bunker later. Tired and still hurty although less pain than yesterday. #almeds

1:59am Bunker = meh. Still too many hipsters, but not as bad as usual. Pain OTOH means I didn't dance at all :( Bedtime soon. #almeds
10:30pm Meh. Fractured sleep, not a great day at all. We did, however, make salad and roasted corn salsa for tomorrow's bbq. Pain/numb 8/7 #almeds
11:47pm Is getting cold and somewhat damp here; pain goes up. Sleep in the near future I hope. #almeds

No twitter today; went to a bbq then dancing at mal. Pain/numb was 7/7, brain slow and not always there during bbq. I do not like this memory fail, and the new meds continue to bother my stomach.
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