alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

Eden? Let's make this a meme...

crowleycrow writes about W.H. Auden asking how we define "Eden". My preferences are:

Landscape - A city on/close to the Ocean, preferably a mix of old and newer architecture, not too sprawled out. Nearby access to nature, plenty of fresh water and local food sources.

Climate - Warm and dry most of the time, probably subtropical.

Ethnic origin of inhabitants - Varied in terms of race, culture and religion provided that basic human rights are equal for all, regardless of sex, gender, race, sexuality, religion, etc.

Language - Unfortunately, English needs to be spoken by a lot of the residents as I fail at learning languages (selfish, but I'm fine with English being a secondary or tertiary language provided it's commonly used/taught).

Weights and measures [!] - Based on something like the metric system - easy to use, comprehend, convert, and visualize.

Religion - See ethnicity.

Size of capital - Irrelevant; this city will not be the capital (I lived in DC, I have no desire to be at the center of politics ever again).

Form of government - A democracy, one person/one vote, balanced power, strong constitutional rules regarding human rights.

Sources of natural power - Wind, water, solar, plant derived minimal carbon emissions fuels.

Economic activities - Creative use of technology to improve the human condition - bio-engineering, green energy, nano-tech, computers, genetics, education, research, etc.

Means of transport - Walking, biking, public transportation (ultra low emissions), minimal private use of ULE cars, entirely accessible to differently abled people, etc.

Architecture (State and Domestic) - See Landscape; a mix of styles from regions around the globe and multiple time periods. Minimal impact on wildlife, environment, as multi-functional as possible with solar panels, wind generators, etc. I'd also prefer integrated shopping, work, food growth, etc and that whenever possible we make whatever our citizens need nearby.

Domestic furniture and Equipment - Made from renewable resources, built to last, simple and timeless designs, minimal need to trash items, reasonably priced and comforable/practical.

Formal Dress - Whatever.

Sources of Public Information - News organization, government, independent but trusted sources, the web, multiple points of view

Public Statues - Sure, as long as they're well done and adding to the overall visual style of the city.

Public Entertainments - Arts, music, theatre, sports (but keep pay reasonable)
Tags: memes & writers block

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