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life/meds tracking update

Cut now removed (9/15/10); sorry if you run across it .

12:19pm Yesterday's 1 thing was a BBQ followed by dancing at mal. Thanks @xianvox for the good music. I hurt today which means I danced! #almeds
12:20pm Pain/numb yesterday in the 7/6 range, at the moment it's 8/8. But it's a gorgeous sunny day, so hopefully that will help. #almeds
9:59pm Very un-productive day, but I'm mostly ok with that. Lots of pain, nausea/heartburn, numb. Perhaps tomorrow I'll get something done. #almeds

6:29pm Sleeping for almost 18 hours is NOT right. And I'm still tired with a growing headache. WTF body? Pain/numb 8/8. Today is a loss. #almeds
6:37pm Power dropped, twitter is having issues, web is slow as dirt. Apparently tech is having as many problems as my body is today. I give up.

1:24pm A reasonable start; ~ 9 hours sleep, pain/numb 7/8, time for lunch/meds. My body has decided that raspberries taste soapy (is me) #almeds
5:19pm Yeah - today my body thinks everything I eat/drink is poison, even water. I want this shit to stop now please. #almeds

8:09am It is 8am; I've been trying to sleep since 12-ish, but pain/body refuses. So tired I am crying over good news: #almeds
8:13am Apparently I need to even out the 18 hours of sleep the other day. Pain/numb 9/8. I hate this. Another day no doubt lost. #almeds
8:22am Also, pharmacy can't read prescriptions dropped off last week, or fax yest. to clarify; not having the new pills doesn't help, Doc. #almeds

1:44pm Today is starting much better - pain/numb 7/6, slept well, 1 thing: workout later. Right now, lunch/meds (bleh). Sunny days are good #almeds

2:27pm Awake, hurting badly today, want to cry. Pain/numb 8.5/8. Lunch plus pain med soon. Tonight we're supposed dance, I need the release #almeds
2:31pm TENS and heat and maybe a nap as well. I would like my body to chill out now, I'm sick of this shit. At least it's a nice day out. #almeds
4:22pm TENS & meds have done little, nap and heating pad ow. I want to dance damnit. #almeds

11:58am Awake and not hurting as much. I did dance some and talked a lot at the club last night - fun! Today - more dancing. Pain/numb 7/7 #almeds

No twitter, also no dancing last night. Food fail again yesterday, pain was high as well, then I had an allergic reaction to a scent I use regularly - coughing, sneezing, redness, burning lungs. This seemed to be a worsening reaction to the new thyroid medication, I am not taking it anymore, and will call the Doctor tomorrow. I did leave the house, went over to B's to hang out while T worked on his computer. Passed out on the couch soon after arriving; scintillating company no doubt.

11:38am Awake & hurty, called doctor about reaction to thyroid med. Pain/numb 8/8, it's damp and drizzly out - yuck. Hope TENS helps. #almeds
1:41am Feeling a bit more human, but cold & drizzly is not why I moved to LA. Since when is this normal weather? Today's 1 thing: sewing #almeds
11:25pm Some sewing done, more to work on tomorrow. I think I have the skirt for Sunday's photo shoot figured out though. Tired & sore now. #almeds

1:22pm Awake, pain/numb 7/7, still cloudy & damp out ugh. Left another message for Doctor re: thyroid. But I haven't taken the bad ones... #almeds
1:23pm for 2 days, and I hurt less than I'd expect with this weather. Also, less nausea, food in-food out. I think that thyroid is not... #almeds
1:25pm the right one either. Next attempt please? I have limited time for you to figure this out. Today's 1 thing: more sewing. #almeds
10:36pm Today's 1 thing turned into going for groceries. Sewing tomorrow instead. Pain/numb 8/8 now, bedtime in about 2 hours. #almeds
Tags: clubbing, la life, medical

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