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State of Alumiere:

The Doctor I've now wasted 6 months with has decided that even though Armor and Natural Thyroid that included T4 with T3 causes increased pain, falling out of hair, allergic reactions I've never had before, and severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, she "doesn't feel comfortable prescribing synthetic Thyroid medication" AKA Cytomel which works without the side effects. This after every appointment we've had I've discussed the fact that I don't convert T4 properly which increases Fibro and Chronic Fatigue symptoms, and I may need to be on Cytomel instead.

And it's 5:30am here, but I caught a cold from my boy, so I woke up coughing like mad. I'm tired, sick and furious, and Doctors can die now. This isn't fucking rocket science, I don't process T4 correctly as we've known for years, but no, we need to try "natural thyroid" - I did, it made things worse, now put me back on the medicine that doesn't do that as you promised repeatedly. Fucking hippie doctor! I'm doing everything else you've suggested including going back to taking 40+ medications, hormones, vitamins, and supplements a day.

Quote of the Day:
QOTD: "Dance like the photo's not being tagged, Love like you've never been unfriended, Tweet like nobody's following." (via

Link Soup
A Federal Judge in CA has ruled DADT unconstitutional! Should have happened years ago, but good.
False rape allegations are rare; less than 6% in a study of over 10 years worth of cases.

Daily Science
Yep, stem cell ban lifted pending case, huah!
Vitamin B: A revolutionary new weapon against Alzheimers? Will this help my Transient Global Amnesia (just started on mega doses of Bs)

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: black microfiber nightgown, the usual necklaces/bracelets, and mohawk twisted into a loose roll around itself. I suspect I'll stay in this all day, probably with added over the knee socks from sock dreams - comfy and warm is the goal.
Reading: Neuromancer by William Gibson ("comfort food" books are good)
Sewing: Must finish vinyl/holographic cheerleader skirt with ELWire for a photo shoot Sunday
Today - finish above mentioned skirt, try to get rid of this cold
Art show tomorrow:
Dancing at Malediction ( Sunday
Tags: la life, medical, memes & writers block, weekend plans

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