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6:48am Coughs plus T's alarm = I'm awake at an unheard of hour. We're both coming down with/have colds. Hope I feel better later. #almeds
6:54am Vitamin B: A revolutionary new weapon against #Alzheimers? London Telly:
6:56am I am now on very high doses of B vitamins; I wonder if it will help with the Transient global #amnesia? #almeds
12:31pm Awake again, definitely getting sick, my throat feels raw. Goody. Also horrific dream woke me up. Wow. Pain/numb 7/6 atm at least. #almeds
5:43pm Fuck me. Dr. S will not prescribe thyroid meds that don't worsen my pain even though she said she would last visit. 6 months wasted. #almeds
5:44pm And the doc she suggested has horrid feedback from patients everywhere. Not going to try him. Hunt for Dr who listens begins anew. #almeds
5:46pm I really can't take much more of this bullshit. Drs are supposed to listen & help, not tell me 1 thing in appt & another 2 wks later #almeds
10:20pm Yeah. In addition to all the Doctor bullshit, T has a cold, and I appear to be about 1/2 a day behind him in getting it-do not want! #almeds

5:18am Whee - coughing woke me up. Definitely a cold. Sitting in front of the computer until cough medicine works, then more sleep. #almeds
6:55am Yeah - cough medicine finally working, time to get back to sleep! Hopefully at least 5 hours, I managed to get ~ 3.5 so far. #almeds
2:50pm Woken by Dr S's office, she wants me to come in for another appointment?! Seriously, WTF? Still have a cold, cranky and infuriated. #almeds
5:07pm LVM for potential new doctor (fingers crossed) - he's not close, but hopefully he'll take my insurance. Pain/numb 7/7. Eating now. #almeds
5:49pm Wow - Dr. S's office just called, she's done some reading after I left her an angry voicemail & is calling in rx for the correct med #almeds
5:51pm Also wanted me to go to the hospital for IV nutrients, but I'm not getting sick now that I'm off wrong med. Why don't Dr's listen? #almeds

2:39am Cough meds wore off after ~ 4 hours of sleep, took another dose, now we wait. In the am I go pick up new thyroid meds at least. #almeds

7:53pm Grrr... hate having a cold. Feeling semi-better, but I slept most of today. Pain/numb 7/7. ! thing: dancing away the anger at Mal. #almeds

9:53am Grrr... call from pharmacy woke me up, they forgot apt #, so delivery guys can't deliver meds. I should be asleep for 2+ more hours. #almeds
10:19am Pharmacy called 3rd time, they're lost and will try again tomorrow. Maybe I can go back to sleep now. Idiots. #almeds
7:43pm 1 thing: paperwork, research, phone calls (job hunt & medical). Also a long nap. Pain/numb 8/7. I'd like to nap more but it's 7:45pm #almeds

12:15pm 12 hours of sleep, I still feel like ass. I hate having a cold. Broken body is bad enough without added sick. Pain/numb 8/8. #almeds
2:25pm It hurts to breathe. Also lots of coughing and sneezing. We're both miserable. I want this to go away now. Pain/numb 9/7 now too. #almeds
9:26pm Nap, cough syrup, muscle relaxer, still hurts to breathe. I want this to be gone now. Should be thankful it's not in my sinuses too. #almeds
9:28pm Dinner was good though - burgers and fresh corn. Tomorrow I'm going to make chicken and 3 bean soup. Today's 1 thing was napping. #almeds
Tags: dancing, la life, medical

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