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Prompted by Felicia Day and tons of others...

A summary of 2010:

Memory loss (aka Transient Global Amnesia) and side effects from Lyrica fail continue, but otherwise I am doing better than I was last year at this time. I'm also accepting my limitations better and feeling less bad about asking for help or taking meds when I need them to get through a day.

Divorce was finalized, the ex got pretty much everything as I wasn't able to fly to MD for the hearing due to broken brain (MRI and other tests happened later in January; no obvious cause for memory fail but it's real). I've filed appeals but gotten no-where thus far.

I still haven't found a job that will hire me (also due to memory fail).

Two friends and my grandmother all died in the span of three days. That was a bit much for me to handle, and my brain still can't picture my grandmother's face or what M looked like, meanwhile I 'see' D fairly often. There's a doppleganger for young D here in LA, complete with the brocade coats and cigarette holder; the only difference I can see is that his hair is blond and in a shorter style.

Mom came to visit; it was nice to spend time with her, and she took a bunch of us to dinner at Morel's which was awesome.

In the spring? I tried a new doctor who was ridiculous - taking me off the meds that were working to control the thyroid and pain problems to get "a baseline" and refusing to put me back on T3 or other needed medications - "It's not natural".

Designed a collection for an electro-luminescent and uv-reactive fashion show. I think it went well; they want us back next year...

After wasting months with the ridiculous doctor, I found a new one, Dr. Greg Wolf, who's over an hour away, and well worth the drive. I'll never be "well" but with his help I'm doing better than I was, and he's not afraid to try new things with me. I'm still a walking lab rat, but at least the scientist is listening to me rather than just trying drugs and treatments randomly.

My ex sent me a package which I've barely been able to look at; it seems to contain every picture taken while we were together except those that matter - obviously the photo albums of us, the slither kids, friends, and our wedding are never going to be copied for me as promised.

Turned 44; I would be happy with that if I didn't feel like I was in my 60's so often.

Worked on my website - I would like to sell off more of my clothes and custom work. I've also been getting rid of lots of stuff trying to keep up with medical expenses etc.

We rearranged the apartment and we're working on the back patio; we hope to finally have an apartment-warming sometime next spring.

There have been fairly regular gatherings with friends and chosen family; I'm happy that I get to see people without too much work, and that no-one says anything when I'm not all there.

Intermittent sewing, dancing weekly, and occasional bouts of intelligence here are keeping me from losing my shit completely; thankfully I can still dance a little to get rid of the aggro.

I am also incredibly lucky to have an awesome boyfriend, cute girl, amazing friends and a supportive family; I would not have gotten through this year without help, and I appreciate every one of you, whether you're nearby or not.

No New Year's Resolutions for me, but I am going to try to post more here; my goal is at least one real post a week and a short status update w/ cool links every few days.
Tags: la life, medical, memes & writers block

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