alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

This, however, makes me happy - kitties!

We adopted two cats a few weeks ago, and we're already in absolute love so here are some cute kitty pictures.

Pris (short for Priscilla): I've been told we have a lot in common. We both want attention when we want it, and other times it's not a good idea, we both love her scratchy brush, neither of us eat huge portions and we both prefer small plates, we both tend to sleep curled up in a ball, and we both love cheese (she'll eat it off my fingers or scarf it off my sandwich if I don't pay enough attention). Pris is a long-haired tuxedo cat, about 5 years old. She thinks she's about 10 times as big as she is; definitely the alpha in the house, and loves laying on the patio - she'll even let me brush her stomach when we're out there, but not inside.

Misha: Totally a daddy's boy. He sleeps on drown_rat's chest, he'll eat his food and Pris' food (but not my food or from my hands), he snores and purrs like a 2 cylinder engine when he sleeps. Oh, and he's not a fan of cameras or brushes. A lot of similarities there. Misha is a Maine Coon, 2+ years old. He's three times the size of Pris, but thinks he's still a kitten, and is a big baby and a chicken - he'll only go somewhere after his sister has been there first.

They're both incredibly smart though - they've figured out how to open every door in the apartment - closets, cabinets, bathroom, etc. They know when to bug us for love, treats, time outside, etc. And they know when I open the cabinet next to the stove it's lunch or dinner time.
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