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East Coast Visit - Scheduling, Crash Space?

So, we're leaving Tuesday night or Wednesday morning to drive across the country for 3 weeks. And we finally have dates sorted with the various family members so here's our rough itinerary.

We'll be at a wedding next weekend with Dad & family, but Monday night 5/16 to Saturday night 5/21 we hope to be in the DC area. Then some time with Mom 5/22 to 5/26, take care of a few things left on the east coast on 5/27, hit bar-con at Balticon 5/28 to see a few more of you, then leave Sunday the 29th to head back here.

Saturday 5/21 we will be at Electroshock in Baltimore (we slept through it last time due to jet lag; no chance of that this time). Any of the days from 5/16 to 5/21 are open at the moment; food, crash space, hanging out, activity suggestions are welcome. Hit me up here, by phone, or email and we'll work out scheduling (my phone number is the same as it was when I lived in MD).

As far as crash space, since we're driving we'll have plenty of room, and plan on bringing the air mattress & bedding, towels, etc. Basically we need a quiet (and preferable dark or darkenable space) to put the air mattress. And as we're not on a real schedule, plus I'm usually asleep til 11 or noon anyway, we shouldn't be fighting for morning bath time or anything. In exchange for crash space I promise at least one good meal of your choice (within reason) either cooked by me, or out at your favorite place. We don't mind spending a night or two here then going to stay with someone else either, so the whole stretch isn't necessary by one person/household. And we can crash at my Mom's if necessary, but that's a two hour drive from DC, and I'd rather be closer to all of my friends so we can see you.

That's it for now. I hope to see loads of you next week, sorry this is posted/changed so last minute, Dad just finalized dates/days for when he wants us there. But he's stressed about Courtney's wedding (and I'm sure stepmom is giving him nightmares atm) so I understand.
Tags: bookslut, clubbing, on the east coast, weekend plans

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