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asleep at mal 9/09
Goth/Industrial, Period, Vintage, and Lip Service clothes, coats, suits & shoes (Womens & Mens)  
10/13/11 13:45
asleep at mal 9/09
I've added a bunch of one of a kind clothes and more. There are some great pieces for Halloween or SCA/Renfaire/etc included here.

Please re-post or forward as desired - it would be appreciated.
I should note anyone can comment here, but if you don't have a livejournal, please include an email address so I can respond.

Also available: made to order modern kilts for men or women, made to order unisex skirts with cargo and side pockets, and made to order tuxedo cut skirts. Pictures and details shortly.

Free ground shipping (US only) on sales over $75!

All of this is from my closet or my boys', and is being sold to help me pay my bills as I wait for/argue with the disability people. Prices do not include shipping and handling; if you're in the LA area we can arrange a meeting, otherwise everything will be shipped USPS or UPS ground (unless we agree to something for faster delivery).

Make me an offer if you don't like the price!

New Stuff

Note: for this section, unless the item is tagged as vintage (or it's shoes), I've made it and it is a OOAK. All items in this section are well made with minimal wear, including fully finished overlocked seams and edges. Where they have pockets those pockets are each large enough to fit a thick standard paperback in them (also perfect for a wallet & cell phone, keys & flask, etc).

All of the OOAK clothes are machine washable on cold, then hang dry, and all fabrics have been pre-washed/pre-shrunk. Some of the items need to be ironed (do not iron the tuxedo skirt or crinoline), but I don't have an iron and shipping them will make it necessary again; they will smooth out nicely and look fuller once this is done.

Deep Red Beaded Silk Circle Skirt, elastic waist (color in shadows is most accurate - flash brightened it a lot).
Size 30-40" waist: $100 (can be made smaller)

Black Textured Stretch Velvet Circle Skirt (this is heavy weight stretch) with side pockets, invisible back zip and fitted waistband.
Size 30" waist: $75
Note: can be loosened to 34" or tightened to 28" if desired (add two days for me to adjust).

SOLD! Skull and Crossbones Black and Silver Handkerchief Skirt

Vintage Purple Evening Gown. This is purpler than in the full size pictures (but the depth of color is correct), with a built-in crinoline for fullness.
Size M: $40

Silver Grey Scaled Brocade Circle Skirt. Side pockets, invisible zip, fixed waistband.
Size 29" waist: $30

Purple Color Change Taffeta Circle Skirt (made of red and blue woven threads). Side pockets, no-roll elastic waistband.
Size 28-34" waist: $25

Vintage Black Dress with Mirror Trim
Size M: $20

SOLD Black Crinoline.

Red Crushed Velvet Circle Miniskirt, 14" long.
Size 28-36" waist: $15

SOLD Black and Iridescent Tuxedo Cut Skirt.

Black Linen and Lace Renaissance Underdress, ankle length, full sleeves with matching lace trim. Elastic neck and cuffs, this can be worn over the shoulders as shown or pulled down as desired.
Size S-M: $40

Vintage Black Sweater with Velvet Collar and Buttons. Measures 18" across the back shoulders, comes down to mid-hip.
Size M-L: $25

Red Patent Peep Toe Pumps, worn twice (I don't do well with open toed shoes).
Size 8: $30

Black Pumps with Silver Studs and Straps, some wear but in good shape (they're too big for me).
Size 9: $15

Previously Posted

Lip Service Black Vinyl Vampire Lovers Dress, NWOT
Size M: $100
This dress is beautiful, but not on me (discontinued item); the style is very Morticia Addams, with lacing in front and back, full sleeves, and flared bottom/train. (http://bizzare.nl/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=6&products_id=4257&language=en&osCsid=d45916cd24c12e63306319a34db75227)

Original Sin custom made cheerleader skit, worn but in good shape. Black textured and clear vinyl.
Size 6: $25

Morbid Threads Pirate Jacket, Red Velvet with Black Satin Trim & Lining, Includes extra buttons (metal victorian style). Minimal wear, it's great for cool fall evenings, just not my style.
Size M: $80

London Underground witch boots, 9 buckles over zipper, barely worn, 1" heel (these are too low heeled and wide in the calf for me)
Size US 8 womens: $100

Vintage Black Leather Unisex Jacket, distressed, 6 pockets (4 exterior, 2 interior). There are some holes in the lining, but all the pockets have been replaced and the leather is in good shape; I bought this jacket in the 80's, but as I've lost weight it's ridiculously huge on me now.
Size 38-40" chest: $100

SOLD. Heavy Red black & red scallop panel skirt, chiffon & satin, barely worn.
Size S (28-32" Waist): $25

Hillary's Vanity Bustle skirt, floor length, heavy stretch cotton, ruffle detail, barely worn.
Size M: $80

Silk top with Embroidered Red Dragon, 100% Silk, by Kim Fashion, NWOT
Size L: $10

Icon Merc Motorcycle Jacket, CE armor in shoulders, arms, back, zipper vents, minimal wear and no falls.
Size XS: $45

Isaac Mizrahi Sundress, Black, adjustable spagetti straps, minimal wear.
Size M: $10

Tripp Black textured vinyl pencil skirt, some stretch, worn but in good shape.
Size M: $15

Dogpile Black & Red Cheetah print mini-skirt, zippered pocket, bondage straps and back zip, minimal wear.
Size M (32" waist): $25

Lip Service Rude Line stretch jean, like new, red/black denim
Size 34/32: $20

Serious black 4 pocket jean, zippers at ankles, padded details on the side of thigh and front of shins, faded.
Size 34: $20

Lip service jaket, adjustable ruffle sleeves, ruffle eyelet strap details with buckles and d-rings, front zipper, worn once.
Size M: $40

SOLD Black & blue embroidered jacket.

SOLD. Black PVC ruffle bra/top.

Burgundy burn-out velvet circle skirt, a lot of panels, elastic fits 26-36" waist, floor length, can be worn as is (it's see through) or with an underskirt.
Size M: $40

Vintage Suit, grey & brown pinstripe, "tailored for Johnny Carson" made by NW Brice & Co., taupe satin lining.
Size jacket 46" chest, pants 38" waist, inseam 32" with 2" hem: $100

Vintage Black Suit Jacket, Zeidler & Zeidler and Harve Bernard, 3 button, single breasted, 2 interior pockets
Size 42" chest: $70

9/16/11 22:30 (UTC)
hey. i have always loved your style.
can i buy? i will pay shipping costs!
if so- please consider the black vinyl corset with buckles and the vinyl corset dress sold.
maybe some other stuff too... let me see what size S wears.
9/16/11 22:30 (UTC)
you have a paypal account to send the money easily?
9/17/11 23:29 (UTC)
I have just put together a giant post of stuff for sale too. I will put a link to your sale at the bottom of mine :)

Also, I like that shear black tank. I think I will have some time next week to come over for a craft/sewing session, if you still have it and it fits me I will take it :)
9/17/11 23:46 (UTC)
Thanks. When yours goes up I'll also cross post it to goth fash.
(Deleted comment)
10/14/11 19:12 (UTC)
Thank you. And sure - where is it going so I can figure out shipping? A zip is fine.
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
10/14/11 20:57 (UTC) - Vintage Black Dress with Mirror Trim
-Is it still available?
-May I please get measurements for it? (bust, waist, hips and length)
-Shipping costs to USA 22202?

Thank you!
10/14/11 21:20 (UTC) - Re: Vintage Black Dress with Mirror Trim
Yes. This dress is made of a stretchy material, so I've put it on my dress dummy; all these measurements should have about 2" of flex in either direction.

Bust 36", Waist 28", Hips 38", Length 35", shipping $6.

10/14/11 21:36 (UTC)
Hi! I'm VERY interested in the crinoline and the blk/irid tuxedo skirt. Could you give me the total to send them to 94544?

Could you also tell me how long the skirt is?

10/14/11 21:51 (UTC)
Sorry - asim just paid for both of those. I'm going to edit the post now.
10/15/11 4:21 (UTC) - Vintage black leather jacket
Hey, could you get me the actual measurements of the leather jacket? Armpit to armpit, collar to hem in the back, and sleeve length?

Thanks! If it's the right size, it will go to someone who deeply regrets selling his leather in the 80's. :)
10/18/11 19:07 (UTC) - Re: Vintage black leather jacket
Armpit to armpit 22", bottom of collar to hem 25", sleeve from armpit to hem 18", from shoulder to hem 25".
10/15/11 4:23 (UTC)
linked here by shadesong. I'd like the "Black & blue embroidered jacket - dragon & key on the front, sapphire blue sky dragon on the back, frog closures, with matching sash". Let me know how much shipping will be to 19702 and I'll paypal you.
10/16/11 0:40 (UTC)
With shipping $36 for USPS (2-3 days, plenty of time for halloween). This name at comcast net
10/16/11 2:36 (UTC)
Here via shadesong. Can you please tell me how long the Serious black jeans are? Thanks!
10/18/11 19:04 (UTC)
The inseam is 32", waist to floor is 39.5" on the outer seam.
1/7/12 5:29 (UTC)
Hi! Found my way here via a friend of a friend, and you've got a truly impressive collection here. A couple questions:

1. Is the mirror dress still up for grabs? I noticed it up in the following post.

2. What are the measurements on the PVC ruffle bra/top, and is it still for sale? I didn't see it claimed here, but it wasn't up in the following post.
1/8/12 19:42 (UTC)
1) Mirror dress is still available.
This dress is made of a stretchy material, so I've put it on my dress dummy; all these measurements should have about 2" of flex in either direction.

Bust 36", Waist 28", Hips 38", Length 35", shipping $6.

2) The PVC ruffle bra/top has been sold. I've updated this post to reflect that as well.

Thanks for looking!
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