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asleep at mal 9/09
It is done. 
10/3/11 11:14
asleep at mal 9/09
Lots of friends seem to think it's a good look, but I'm not certain yet. Partly it feels fucking weird, and even though we spent an hour plus with the razor getting it smooth yesterday it's still rough in spots.

I'll adjust I'm sure, and it won't look so strange after I get some sun to even out the white head with the tan face/body. Picture soon.

Anyone have a braun style electric razor they're not using? It would be easier to keep it clean with one of those than shaving it in the shower.
10/4/11 0:34 (UTC)
congrats!!! i hope it feels spectacular :)
10/4/11 1:06 (UTC)
I'm sorry I missed the post where you asked for feedback, but I want to chime in that I'm sure you look great. Not too many women I know can really rock the shaved look, but your exotic beauty & distinctive style means it will look right. I can't wait for pics, & yes, even yourself out int he sun.

Hope you are feelin' okay, lately. *hugs*
10/4/11 4:14 (UTC)
It does take some getting used to, but the ease of taking care of no-hair is so nice...:)
10/4/11 18:32 (UTC)
i have a panasonic wet/dry shaver that i don't use anymore. wasn't so good for shaving my face, but i'm sure it would work on your head. let me see if i can get it to take a charge...
10/4/11 20:37 (UTC)
Thank you!
10/6/11 3:23 (UTC)
well, the battery won't take a charge. it worked fine, i just got a better one and stopped using it. i guess it drained all the way & now won't take a charge. if you or T think you can fix it, it's yours. also, i have an old plug-in braun... not as fancy & probably needs a new blade, but *does* actually work...
10/6/11 3:25 (UTC)
if neither work, you can probably score one for not *too* much, online. i know $ is tight, but i got the panasonic one for like $30 on amazon.
10/7/11 18:47 (UTC)
I'll happily take the braun off your hands and trade it for the shirt Maggie wanted in my sale pile, the plug in kind is fine and if the blades or foil need replaced it's still cheaper than buying a new one. Any chance we can swing by and pick it up tomorrow afternoon when Ty gets off work? My head is so annoying at the moment, and the shower/razor routine can't be done often enough.
10/7/11 19:47 (UTC)
sounds good... what time is that?
10/7/11 19:55 (UTC)
Unless there's a problem, he's off around 2 and home around 3; say 4ish by the time we get your way? I'll pm you my number to coordinate.