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asleep at mal 9/09
New plan... 
2/22/12 22:08
asleep at mal 9/09
So an online friend of mine has started a tumblr project to "unfuck her life". It's full of swearing and lists of how she did today and silly gifs. But it seems like a brilliant idea, so I'm going to try it.

I can't promise I'll post everyday, but maybe some accounting of what I do each day will help me feel a little more productive so...

Today I got up for the first time around 7am my time (I didn't fall back, so 6am pacific). I spent about 3 hours reading (Absolute Sandman this week) in my chair until my meds kicked back in, then I slept til almost noon. Since my body seems to be wanting to sleep in chunks of 4-5 hours max, I've been trying to listen to it since late fall; sometimes it works and other times it fails, but on the days when I do manage to fall back asleep it is better and I'm more functional and lucid in the evening. That said, if I'm not back asleep by 10 or so I know I'm up for the day and my everything is going to be less.

Once I got up I pulled the covers up on the bed and threw on my nightgown, munched, read for a little bit longer, then I cleaned up the kitchen. Dishes loaded and ran, counters wiped free of crumbs, etc. That pretty much did me in for a few hours, so I futzed online and found the tumblr above and generally tried to recoup some energy.

Then I cooked dinner (quinoa pasta and meat sauce), ate (although my body clearly dislikes my food choice today), and rinsed the dishes. I'm going to unload the dishwasher too before bed. By midnight (my time) I'll be in bed for the night, and tomorrow I hope more cleaning or some sewing will be done.
2/23/12 10:17 (UTC)
You are an inspiration, as is your friend with the many eye-fucking GIFs.
I am also attempting to unfuck my life and hope to have as much success as you two.
2/23/12 19:28 (UTC)
i think this is great. mentally healthy and you have us cheering you on :)
3/2/12 2:27 (UTC)
I wonder if I could remember what I did a few hours ago as to be able to do this or something like it. I guess I could write a little and often but then that is what my natdaylog Twitter and LJ are for. Hmmm. Something to think about, and I had seen her Tumbler as well. Double hmm, I wonder if Tumbler has an iPhone client app. *searches*