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asleep at mal 9/09
Day 2 
2/23/12 22:46
asleep at mal 9/09

A less good day today pain wise (and only about 7 hours of broken sleep), but I still managed to:
1) Get up at 10ish, put on nightgown, pull up covers on the bed.
2) Sit in my chair in the sun and read til about noon, then grab some lunch.
3) Clean up the cat litter and vacuum that corner while the boy (who had an unexpected day off) cleaned the bathroom.
4) Read online and watch 'TV' until my arms stopped throbbing so much.
5) Do a bit of sewing - the pants I'm working on are a ridiculously complicated pattern meant to be made in wool. Since we're using black canvas and they're about 6" too long for T we have to adjust almost everything. But I've now got the front legs serged and the side pockets ready to be laminated to their lining pieces. Then the headache started and my shoulders/neck got worse so I...
6) Watched several hours of Downton Abbey and had a baked potato with cheese for dinner (T had leftovers from yesterday), then I could take more meds.

To bed shortly.
3/4/12 13:49 (UTC)
I am doing something like this over here.