alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

Friday - Sunday

Thursday night I had a horrible night - insomnia coupled with pain. So I got about 2 hours of broken sleep and gave up at ~11am.

Friday I:
Got out of bed, put on a nightgown and pulled up the covers.
Took meds, fed the cat, and nuked two meals.
Watched loads of 'TV' as I could barely stand to hold the computer, type or read and my brain was mush.
Went to bed about 10pm.

Saturday was much better; I got about 10 hours of sleep in two chunks so I:
Got up, put on nightgown, dealt with bed.
Read in the sun, had lunch and cleaned up the dishes from Thursday/Friday/lunch.
Watched 'TV' and read some more then showered and dressed.
Went with T to dinner for a friend's birthday (Buca Di Beppo is not terribly great for me food-wise), then went to Ruin to see people and drop off clothes for Laurel & Dan. As usual T carried me up the two long flights of stairs. I was very surprised by how much I danced as Ruin usually makes me feel I'm not goth enough music wise, so it was a good night.

Sunday is usually a lazy day followed by the club (Mal), and this week was no exception. I was also brain fuzzy all day, so no posting.
I got about 8 hours of sleep and was up around 11 somewhat sore from dancing but I:
Put on nightgown & made the bed.
Went with T to the drug store for prescription pick-up.
Watched 'TV', read, and took a quick shower/got dressed.
Went to Mal (carried up) and spent more of the night asleep on a couch than dancing or talking - the music was off, and I was clearly wiped out.
Came home and slept for about 12 hours with intermittent breaks to let Pris (the cat) out, feed her and pet her when she came in to sleep on my chest.

ETA: I forgot - yesterday I also fixed an easy but yummy side of baked apples with dried blueberries to go with the ham we were having for dinner.
Tags: unfuck my life

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