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Catching up, I have another cold - fuck it!

Make bed, put on nightgown, read/watch 'TV' - I finished the re-reads of the four Absolute Sandman volumes I have; at some point I hope to pick up volume 5. Damn those books are beautiful but heavy and particularly hard to handle.
T & B decided that they wanted to go to Mode:M Saturday night, so when T got home we shaved my head and I showered.
I was also dealing with a typical my body does not like food day, and I was nauseous as hell, but figured going out wouldn't make it worse and maybe some gingerale would help. It didn't really, but I still had a decent time when I wasn't fighting to not get sick. Even the adrenaline from dancing a bit on the box didn't make much difference.
Went home, got sick, took a shower, slept in Sunday morning til 12:30 as I had a hard time getting to sleep due to continuing nausea.

Woke starving, made the bed, put on nightgown. Fixed over easy eggs for brunch for T and I, felt somewhat better. Did dishes & cleaned cat litter.
Read & watched more 'TV' while T worked from home, made asparagus for dinner & reheated steak he'd cooked Saturday - it was good.
Took an uber fast shower and got dressed, then went to Mal where I alternately napped and danced the night away. So grateful that no-one gets upset about my napping on their comfy couches when I need to. Home in bed by 4am my time.

Woke at 7am to let the cat out, back to bed almost immediately and slept til 1. Still tired and sore from the weekend, but better for lots of sleep.
Made the bed, put on nightgown, ran dishwasher.
Read & watched more 'TV', munched lunch.
Cooked the rest of the asparagus & more steak when T got home for dinner.
After dinner we decided to tackle a quick trip for groceries as the pantry and fridge were bereft of veggies and fruit; that was a decidedly good thing even though I was tired and inefficient as I was clearly starting to get a cold. In bed by 11 my time.

I am fucking sick, no doubt about it. Sore throat, sinuses killing me, feverish. Stupid broken immune system. Woke around 7:30, let the cat out, back to bed where I struggled to fall asleep again, eventually managed about 2 more hours and got out of bed around 11:30.
Made bed, put on layers - socks, velvet tights, silk nightgown then cotton one, then thermal, still cold so I'm wrapped in a faux fur and ultrasuede blanket too.
Made tea with honey - two cups so far, and am having oranges for lunch when they warm up a bit.
Today will involve reading and 'TV' and not much else. T can have the rest of the steak for dinner, I will be having a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich - comfort food for the win.
Hopefully when T gets home I'll enlist his help to put together and bake chicken and broccoli casserole with added mushrooms and freshly steamed broccoli - it's in season and local so that's a win. If not, I'll do it tomorrow for dinner.
Then an early night and hopefully lots of sleep to help with this cold; I want to kill it quickly, but my immune system is not good at that, and I'm allergic to cold meds so tea and juice and vicks is about all I can do.
Tags: medical, unfuck my life

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